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how can I pull out a tooth that isn't`t loose?

I have 4 baby teeth that I need to pull out, I have 6 months. If I don`t, the dentist will pull them out and I will have to have braces, because my adult teeth are growing in the wrong place, so arn`t going to push the baby ones out, and they are in the way of the adult ones so I want the baby ones out quickly, and it may stop the adult ones growing on top of them and I may not need to have braces. please give me ideas? not too painful, though! thanks :)

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    Don't do that, you might hurt yourself or damage your other teeth. At worst you could even severe a blood vessel in your gums (there are lots).

    Wait for the dentist's opinion, don't do anything crazy - dentists know what they're doing and they'll have your best interests in mind.

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    The dentist will know best. A trained professional, talking about his subject; or your opinion, not knowing how to pull out teeth. You should 100% go with the dentist's advice.

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    It's a really bad idea to try to pull out your own teeth. Don't try. Really. You can do serious damage to your jaw. Follow your dentist's advice,

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    Don't. Let the dentist pull them out.

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  • 10 years ago

    go to the orthodontist.

    they will numb it up and pull it out.

    easiest and safest and least painful way.

  • jl
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    10 years ago

    forget it. its too late. your getting braces no matter what.

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