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Why do girl hockey players,well hockey players in general, dislike figure skaters?

I know this question has been asked a billion and one times, but really, why do they? There are these two girls who play hockey who constantly harrase me. My parents own the rink I skate at and my dad is a hockey coach there and he forced me to do power skating with their team one night. Needless to say, they didn't like that. I have better technique and just look better one ice then they do. Figure skating is not as easy as it looks. I know hockey is hard because my two brothers play it, but skating is so much harder! I train 25+ hours a week and have to work through countless injuries. (4 herniated disks, dislocated shoulder, torn acl 2 times) I'm an international competitor and it seems like hockey players don't cut figure skaters any slack, even the good ones. I have to admit, I can come off as pretty stuck up, but I'm not. I'm just quite and keep to myself most of the time. We don't wear super slutty clothes, wearing shorts and flexible clothing makes it easier to move in. So,really, why do hockey players hate figure skaters? Its a 2 way street I know, but I'm really baffled.

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    I personally have never said I dislike figure skaters. I think that most hockey players when they are younger feel that they rule the rink because they play hockey and most people associate ice rinks with hockey. That with the idea of hockey being a rough and tough sport but they dont stop to think who it feels slamming into the ice after missing the landing on a triple axle or any other "high profile" move in figure skating.

    I can relate to your story not because I am a figure skater, I played hockey for 22 years, but in the fact that for 2 seasons one of my coaches made the entire team take power skating lessons with figure skaters. Let me tell you it was one of the most painful things I have ever go through. The figure skaters drilled us over and over and over again but in the end it really made us better skaters and in the end my team did have a ton of respect for figure skates. Also IMO most people dont realize that figure skaters are more powerful and stronger skaters then hockey players are.

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    It's obvious from the answers given that nobody here plays hockey or has come onto the ice after an hour of figure skating practice.

    It takes three scrapes and re-floods by the Zamboni to get all the holes and ruts out of the ice. For every jump spin or camel performed the toe picks dig a little hole in the ice. Hockey is a game of touch and finesse, all those bumps and gouges ruin the ice.

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    I think it's just a matter of a different type of competitiveness. Figure skaters, though they compete in competitions so technically against others skaters, really compete more against themselves and are constantly driven to improve.

    Hockey players are too, to an extent. The difference is, as a hockey player, to beat another player all you really have to do is knock them down, or 'off the puck'. You don't always have to be better, you can just be tougher, smarter, a harder checker or have a more accurate shot.

    In figure skating you quite simply have to be better than your competition or you lose.

    Hockey players, as I started to say, physically compete against one another ( checking, shooting etc.) Figure skaters pretty well compete against themselves ( which is much harder imo).

    If it makes you feel any better, there is an increasing amount of professional hockey players who use figure skating coaches to help them be more agile on the ice.

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    OMG girlie!!! I am a figure skater too and I wonder the sane question!!! It's crazy but I think that when they see us doing our triple-axels they just get jelous or something because I'm baffled too. Most hockey players are really arrogant and they live breathe and eat hockey so when figure skaters skate around then they maybe take it like were taking up their space... Hope I helped! Happy skating :)

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    Okay here's where I stopped reading: 'skating is so much harder'

    You do know there is finesse in the way hockey players skate right? All while handling a puck, and colliding with other players.

  • I'm guessing that they think it's a disgrace to have to share their space with someone who "doesn't belong." Basically, they don't want you there because you're not part of the team. Some (not all) may think of figure skating as not a real sport, like some think cheer leading isn't a real sport. I find nothing wrong with either of the sports and think they are both physically demanding. As long as you love what you do I encourage you to continue doing it.

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    because hockey is a tough, physical sport, and well figure skating is so different and sort of prissy/girly

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    Probably because of a perception that they're pansies, or that they don't have to work as hard as hockey players (both of which are blatantly false).

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    Figure skaters have nicer butts.

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    I neve knew they did?

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