Please help me with my sleep anxiety? HELP ASAP!!!?

I know this is a long question but its got a LOT of detail in so bear with it please :D

-----------BTW im 14 years old, teen girl--------------

right, so I'm scared of the dark, well what could be in it anyway and I NEVER go downstairs at night. My main fear is that a random murderer is going to be there or a burglar an they will attack me or my family (silly I know.

I get really scared at night when my mum leaves the room from saying goodnight to me (Im really close to her, and all of my family). I sleep with the light on every night and I have a cat who always sleeps on the end of my bed purring away. Downstairs sleeping with my mum is a dog, friendly to us but very protective so I KNOW i'm safe, but this still doesn't make me feel any better. I always say to myself, nothing bad is ever going to happen to me or my family so stop being silly but to be perfectly honest it doesn't really help.

At the side, bottom of my bed there is a tv. I sleep under the covers every night and peek out of a little hole so I don;t feel claustrophobic and stare at my tv. I do this because from the reflection I can see the other side of the bed and most of the room, but this makes me feel more scared sometimes.

My mum doesn't know how severely I get frightened and I can't keep telling her I've had a bad dream and need to get in her bed all the time. She knows everything about me and I'm always really open, loving and great towards her and we have a magnificent bond like a best Friend but better (i don't have a best friend and really want one but have good grades a fairly good social life and lots of other friends). Because my mum doesn't know - Ive never been to the doctors or anything and just want some advice and help.

-Should I tell my mum?

-Is there a way to help me?

-How do I tell her?



Just for the record, Im not depressed apart from completely normal hormonal mood swings now and again, my mum would help me through anything no matter what because she's just THAT amazing ^_^ and I would never even consider suicide or anything of the sort. Thanks everyone xx

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    9 years ago
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    I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling.

    I think you should check out this website called

    It’s a very understanding and supportive website that deals with many problems including self-harm, depression, eating disorders (including overeating), addictions (such as drug and alcohol) anxiety (&& panic attacks, including anxiety disorders like OCD), suicide attempts, feelings and thoughts, bullying and abuse (including sexual and emotional abuse), trauma, and general mental health problems such as personality disorders, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, ect.

    You can post about your problems and gain advice and support, it’s full of caring people who are going through the same things as you are in a complete non-judgemental atmosphere, you feel a lot less alone and you don’t get stupid answers or the old ’snap out of it’, ’stop being stupid’ comments you get on Yahoo Answers. You can also reply to other people and give them support, advice and share your stories and makes tons of new friends that you can open up to and trust. Already there are over 34,000 registered members.

    They have an ‘Introductions’ forum where you can tell everyone a bit about yourself when you first sign up, you get very warm-welcoming messages to help you settle in and find your way around the site and answer any questions you may have.

    They also have ‘General Chat’ forum where you can talk about things that aren’t related to mental health, such as polls, humour and chit-chat. Also, News & debates forum where you can catch up on all the news, and give your opinions.

    The website also includes ‘Fun and Distractions’ Share jokes, funny sites, quizzes or useful distractions to help you relax and distract yourself with.

    Also they have separate forums for certain things, such as Eating Disorder Support, Self-Injury Support, Mental Health Discussions, Ranting && Venting, Serious Discussion (such as suicide), Moving Forward (recovery based), and much more.

    They even have a ‘Shop’ where you can buy bracelets that represent recovery with Self-Harm and Eating Disorders. Also, they have a ‘Games Arcade’ where you can play games to keep yourself distracted such as Pac-Man and Super Mario.

    The website also contains lots of information, how to get help, beating urges, articles to read, advice, first aid, chat (like msn with others who are suffering), Live Help (one-2-one counselling - these people are not trained counsellors, but people who are normal members of the site but go that little bit further to help others), Supporters who can e-mail anytime, day or night to gain emotional support (again not trained professionals).

    The site is free, but to in order to have access to everything available on the website you have to sign up, which only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to be a certain age to join (even if you’re 40, you can still sign up, they have a ’veterans corner’ for older members, including advice on topics more relevant to adult life such as university, long term relationships, child-care and employment) The site is open 24/7, all year round.

    A lot of people have said that Recover Your Life (or RYL for short) is a community where they feel they belong to, they are able to open up and be themselves and don’t have to hide. They come on RYL everyday as a means of escaping their problems to have a break and be able to breathe knowing it’s full of people who care and who want to help - without the worry of them telling their friends or family.

    So please have a look, I think it could really help you - especially if you can’t talk to anyone in ‘real life’ or have no one to turn to.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    (PS. You do not have to be currently ‘recovering’ to join)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I had this. In the end i was too terrified to sleep at night. I was absolutely exhausted all day every day, my parents when i explained it just looked at me like i was crazy. In the end i tried to commit suicide. What a terrible thing to do that was, but they did give me mirtazispine (zispin) and it's REALLY helped, it's a mild sedative as well as an anti depressant so it alleviates the anxiety and helps you sleep. I really advise seeking help before you get to where i did, because i'm so much better now it's unbelievable, i'm also seeing a psychiatrist, you say you have a dog? he advised me to walk the dog just round the block, he said the fresh air, exercise and doing something nice for the doggy would help me feel more relaxed. Hope i helped, take care x

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  • I think you should go see a psychiatrist. Anxiety can successfully be treated with CBT and maybe some medication. Go get help now. The earlier, the better!

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  • 4 years ago

    Eliminate Social Anxiety Shyness -

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