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If someone was to learn arabic, which "arabic" should they learn?

I noticed that Qur'anic arabic is different to normal speaking arabic so I was just curious which arabic I should learn. People say that egyptian arabic is easier but I don't know! :(



edit: Hopefully, Insha Allah, I want to learn turkish, urdu and arabic. And then I want to learn french because I want to be a humanitarian worker when I'm older and Insha Allah one day I want to go onto the flotilla to Gaza. Ameen.

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    well arabs have a written standard language, a formal language if you will. the formal language has all the grammatical rules and is the basis from which the spoken dialects are derived. if you want to learn the language properly, it's better for you to learn the written language as this gives you a proper understanding of arabic grammar and grammar isn't fun or easy but it's essential in language learning if you want to really understand the language you're learning. learning MSA gives you a better understanding of classical literature and the quran...

    with regards to dialects you have a few, egyptian, levantine (syrian, lebanese & palestinian) and khaleeji/gulf (oman, saudi, UAE, kuwait etc),and maghrebi (widely considered a whole other language) . egyptian is most widely understood because of the entertainment industry...

    it really just depends on which dialect you want to know, which countries you'de prefer to visit etc. i prefer the sound of syrian arabic but that's just me..

    if you only care about speaking, go for a dialect. if you're interested in learning languages and can take on the challenge that is grammar prioritise on learning fus'ha and learn a dialect on the side.

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    For learning a foreign language, rather than buying a grammar book, or one of those books full of the most used phrases, it's better if you get a full fledged course, with cds or dvds you can use to listen to the spoken language and get used to it. Learning the grammar it's very difficult if you only try to memorize every rule you can find in a grammar book; the grammar constructs must be learned by seeing them used in the real world, in many different phrases.

    The best language courses are those of Assimil, even if they cost quite a lot more than a normal book, they are good and they work.

    Here you can find the Assimil course for learning Arabic:

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    the standard Arabic is classical Arabic also called Fus-ha , MSA is just a term coined by some professor , it does not apply in real life.

    The Egyptian, though easy to learn, is a slang that not only has problematic pronunciation (as compared to standard Arabic), but also contain an unusually large number of slang words from other languages such as Turkish & Italian & some old Coptic terms , which will make it even more difficult to make the transition to Quranic Arabic .

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    OK.. to put it simple each country has it's own informal arabic that it's ppl speak.. and then there are different variations of this arabic (farmers, workers, fishermen, highclass..etc)

    but the problem with informal is that it has no rules, like u can't have a test in the egyptian language

    i suggest the classical arabic, the formal one. if u learn it u can easily learn the informal and speak the informal too..

    the best example of formal arabic is Koran,, i think the Koran is simple and straightforward.

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      Learn Arabic just the way people talk: that is the vernaculars, dialects of spoken Arabi not Standard Arabic that no one really speaks naturally, but only used in formal situations like TV news or conferences!

      I suggest an excellent book on Amazon: Tunisian Arabic in 24 Lessons

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    The best arabic to learn is the Quranic Arabic! Egyptian Arabic just sound wired to me, look at the letter jeen when someone from Egypt try to say it they always say geen.

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    classical arabic is a very poor language. some of the words have as many as 35 different meanings and this is the reason that 20% of the classical arabic qurans remain untranslated even today. the muslim scholars can't agree on what the quran says. non-muslims can use almost any search engine to learn about this.

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    Wa 'alaikum salam,

    Classical Arabic. That's what the Qur'an is written in, however the language of the Qur'an is VERY complex.

    Those aren't languages, they're variations, or "accents". The easiest of them is the Syrian/Lebanese accent, but a very hard one is the Libyan one. Which is the reason if a Libyan were to speak to a non-Libyan, he has to change his accent for them :P.

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    learn the classical arabic since that's the language of the Quran...I don't see why you need to learn the slang arabic.

    And true like almost every Arabic country have different accents..

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    egyptian is also the dumbest arabic. it's the farthest from normal arabic. they instead of saying jihad they say gijad. so stupid

    if you're doing it for qur'an only then learn classical

    learn that first, then it's easy to learn the dialect of jordanian, syrian, lebanese etc they're all similar. but egyptian is the dumbest ever

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    the classic arabic ....arabic is only one the others are in english they call it royal english (and is the original)then every city has its own slang and even the american is a deterioration of the english language so the best go for classic things

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