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My goldfish is missing scales- help!?

I am the proud new owner of two shubunkin goldfishes. I've had them for almost three days, and one of them has a problem- missing scales. A bunch.

The specifics are this: two fish, sixteen gallon tank. Same species, same pet store, where they lived in the same tank. I have an appropriate filter, my tank has been established for a month, and my water is safe- no bad chemicals or ammonia problems, I had it tested at the pet store.

As far as behavior, I haven't seen him rubbing against anything (and I watch those fish like they were a TV). Out of the two he is the healthier, more active one- eating healthy amounts, mostly hangs out by the surface of the tank, fins are not clamped. Overall, he behaves exactly the way he's expected to, according to what I've read and what the pet store told me. The only oddity is that he picks up rocks and carries them around... apparently just for fun, he drops them wherever. And he sucks at the rocks and structures, which makes me wonder if he's searching for missed fish flakes? Malnourished?

The affliction was easy to overlook- he's all white except for a single orange dot on his head. I just happened to notice that he looked kinda off-color on one side. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that his right side is almost completely bald. He had a couple little patches of white fuzziness, but not the classic-looking fungus, and I thought it might be some sort of natural coating protecting the worst of the bald spots?

Anyone who knows anything about fish, please let me know. Missing scales, minute coating, weird "hungry" act. Is it likely he had this before he got here, or is three days enough time for half a fish's scales to fall out (all on the same side)? Do I need to worry, or will this set itself right? What can I do to fix this? Is there something wrong with my tank?

Many thanks.

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    why dont you just buy it some more scales?

  • 9 years ago

    Fish losing scales is not a big problem. It will grow out just like we growing hair. But the entire side with no scales is a problem. Fish will not drop their scales on their own. It must have been scraped off by something, like a filter or decoration. Do you see any blood? Do your fish fight?

    The fuzziness could be his slime coat. Scales protect fish from bacteria and fungus, so without scales he have to produce more slime to protect his body. It could also be fungus itself, which means you have to change large amount of water and reduce feeding until he cures himself. You can ask for medicines if it is getting worse. Even if your tank is supposed to be cycled it is not the same as a mature old established tank. There could be a problem going on with the water quality.

    I don't know about goldfish, but some koi have only patches of scales, so could it be that he is just special? I don't know, but it is likely due to an injury.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Calm down all fishes who are old ask for food call the vet and ask them if he could be sick oh and scales are useless

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My uncle has some fish and they kept biting off his scales and biting him. The white proballys is probally his skin. I think you should take your fish to the vet so the vet can check on your fish to see if he is ok.

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