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Help me understand HD TVs, and what to do!!!?

Ok, I have a old sony 28" standard tv big and bulky that is pretty good but then I was given a PS3 for my birthday and judging from what ive seen it like playing on a fancy flat Screen HDTV my PS3 is wasted on my telly as you can prob understand. I love my big bulky old telly but I want a new one as prices these days for plasmas LCD and LED are lower these days and my budget is for around £300.

So, my question is what is best to buy out of plasma LCD and LED TVs?

I have a Sky+ box, a bog standard cheap DVD player and of course my new PS3 connected to my old Tv. I don't want one with built in freeview.

Does full HDTV mean that the above connected to my old tv will all show what I want in HD or do I have to buy things to make it this way? I see full HD and HD ready TVs?

Sorry to seem thick im struggling to understand as I feel it will cost me a fortune in Special connectors, converters, upgrading to sky HD and buying a HD DVD player?

pleeeease help me out guys??

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    A PS3 is an HD DVD player.

    TVs with built-in tuner are called HDTVs

    TVs that require a set-top box to receive TV signal are called HDTV ready.

    If you plan to play game on the Ps3, go for an LCD (or LED) TV.

    If you only plan to watch movies and do only minimal playing, then a plasma will work as well.

    You need two HDMI cables; (for the Sky+ box and the PS3) - You can ditch the DVD player and simply use the PS3 to watch DVDs.

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    Matt, television high quality and for this reason expenditures are desperate by the image definition. the way you tell regardless of if a television is top of the selection or low high quality is by finding not in trouble-free terms at regardless of while you're mushy finding on the richness (or lack thereof) of coloration reproduction, yet additionally on the crispness of the lines contained in the image reproduction. What you will discover is that the clearer line differences are between gadgets contained in the television image, the extra relaxing your viewing experience. you have heard approximately decision output numbers inclusive of 720i and 1080p. There are a number of those numbers. in case you choose an surprising HDTV, palms down decide for the 1080p structures. whilst not all PS3 video games can particularly render in 1080p, you are able to actual watch HD television channels in plenty extra beneficial high quality, and the Blu-ray video clips you pop into your PS3 would be outstanding. So incredibly, what it comes right down to is your funds once you think of approximately how great and spectacular you choose your television to be.

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