How to become an amazing female football player?

Hey guys so im in 7th grade and i really am beginning to love football ( not soccer ) and people tell me im really good.Im in middle school now (no duh i know) . in about a year when im in high school i want to try our for the football team. im a girl btw and idk if the school i want to go to has a girl football team. so do schools allow girls to play for the boys team? also do you know any links i can go on to become the best football player i could be and if you have any tips or advise id appreciate it. also if you have any words of wisdom like if you have been a girl on an all guys team id appreciate that 2. thank you guys

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    9 years ago
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    The two most important things you have to do is eat healthy, and exercise by doing a lot of running every day. If you do these things, you greatly improve your chances of becoming a successful female football player.

    My sister was 4'11 and weighed 98 pounds, when she played her football during her senior year of high school, at age 17. Prior to her senior year of high school, she never played a sport. After her 17th birthday, however, she decided to exercise by going on long runs every day during the summer prior to her senior year of high school. She continued her very healthy eating habits that year, and ate the same way she normally would in any other year. All that hard work that summer enabled my sister to play the wide receiver position in her senior year of high school. Although that was her only year of football, my sister held her own pretty well!

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    9 years ago

    you haven't said what position ........ how do u expect anyone to have advice for you? USUALLY if you become stronger and faster it helps in most positions, except for QB all you need to do is be able to throw far and accurate

    cu tie : if ur sister did not play tackle football and only played flag \ touch football its not gonna help very much .... 2 things football is ALL ABOUT

    1- toughness

    2- speed

    if you have these to you will be the best ... except if you're playing on the line, you need some serious strength instead of speed .... NFL rookies linemen worst record was 6 seconds in 40 yards and onlt 30 reps 225 lbs in bench press ... best was 4.7 and 40 reps 225 bench press .. and wide reciever best 40 yards in 2010 draft was 4.32 ... you NEVER get to know how strong or fast these guys are except if you're on the field ... sometimes it takes so much to just be the WORST football player in a league like NFL or CFL

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    5 years ago

    actually since youre a girl it would be better for you to stay.. fbgirl was talking about men.. play for your high school, then apply for college ad play for them and then you should hope that US starts up a womens pro league soon again. Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Play the position of center.

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