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Nicola Sturgeon/Alex Salmond-closet Marxists/Muslims?

Wondered what you may think?


RE:JOHN in Spokane,you are absolutely correct, but surely you realise that these types stoop lower than most wether Marxist's or indeed Muslim's, with that old chestnut, `The enemy of my enemy is my freind`.

Update 2:

RE:Patriot,Thanks for your answer,though i refuse to take anything from the State channel.BBC1 at face value.

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    No to either.

    Why you would think so is beyond me.

    I hope you find the link below to be of use.

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    the Scottish are being led down the path to ruin by a bitter and twisted Marxist (Salmond). That they are prepared to do this speaks volumes. They ought to get real. The Germans spent a fortune and decades trying to reunite with Eastern Germany.

    It is unspeakable that any american state would break away. The world is an increasingly dangerous insecure place. Other nations must look upon the Scots with incredulity.

    I am half Scottish but live in England, I love Scotland but......Mad Scots!

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    10 years ago

    It's possible and very likely even though i'm pro scottish independance i don't trust Slamond, i don't trust any liberal especially a muslim loving liberal or a trade union promoter.

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    10 years ago

    Oh how the English hate us, we have shown them there is a way out of the two party system and they are jealous.

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  • 10 years ago

    They dont call him "Red Eck Salmond" for nothing.

  • 10 years ago

    The one thing that Sturgeon isn't is closet ugly......she happily displays that for all to see.

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    10 years ago

    I sorta thought that Marxism was inherently Atheistic o_0

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