is cohabiting while on benefit classed as fraud?

friends boyfriend stays with her a few nights a week, is this classed as fraud as she on benefits

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes it is fraud even if the boyfriend only stays one night a week. If someone reports her they will stop her benefits and prosecute her, they are very tough on this now.

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  • Joe
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    9 years ago

    The brief answer is probably - the DWP / Local Authority don't prosecute you for fraud, they prosecute you for failure to notify a change of circumstances, or a dishonest failure to notify a change of circumstances. They also get to recover the overpayment, which is usually assessed as all the benefit paid during the time.

    Your friend would be well advised to notify whoever administers the benefit that the boyfriend stays over a few nights per week.

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  • hartt
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    3 years ago

    If there is time earlier your interview, attempt to get written statements from the well-being concentrated visitor, housing officer and police to back up your tale. a minimum of take contained in the names and touch advice for those people. under the circumstances, it is going to no longer be seen income fraud, via fact that your ex has his very own place of place of living together with his stepdad. have you ever no longer filed expenditures against the "particular guy or woman"? did no longer you already ask this question earlier?

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  • A few nights a week does not constitute cohabiting.

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  • 9 years ago

    It depends which benefits she is claiming.

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