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Dems give standing ovations to Israeli PM and embarrass 0bama. Should 0bama throw Dems into Gitmo?

....(congressional Dems who gave 29 standing ovations to the PM) for betraying the Messiah's image?

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    Perhaps they are trying to make up for the standing ovation they gave the Mexican President when he insulted the US. Which means, they stand based on their sinking numbers and they need to show support for Israel.

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    Congratulations. Jesse Lee now has work to do for the taxpayer money he is receiving to clean up bad stories about Obama on the internet.

    Dems were correct to give Israeli PM standing ovations. Maybe Obama will look at the poll numbers and change his policy like he has done on so many other issues.

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    Explain how Obama was betrayed?

    Netanyahu told congress what they wanted to hear so that it would get Obama off his back and so that Israel would continue to collect welfare from America.

    There's not going to be peace and concessions aren't going to be made, both sides have claimed such and never have.

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    That was awesome! Netanyahu is a very dignified man with a strong backbone. More than I can say for the "fuhrer in chief!" Too bad Netanyahu isn't our leader.

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    The Democrats did not embarrass President Obama. You are delusional.

  • 9 years ago

    Ha... that was pretty good. No, let's not "Gitmo" these dems, there is still some hope for them yet!


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    obama has a lot of yelling to do when he gets back. (behind closed doors).

    See the differences in the two, wouldn't you side with Bibi?

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    Your guys' vivid imaginations never disappoint.

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