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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareLaptops & Notebooks · 9 years ago

how much will it cost to replace a battery in a 13" toshiba laptop?

I have an older 13" toshiba laptop and i need to replace the battery, how much would it cost to get it repaced at best buy for example?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Original, authentic batteries cost more than a $100. Do not get the cheap ones which usually are only Class A or Class B refurbished batteries.

    Since you have an older model of a 13" Toshiba laptop, I would suggest you check out first the availability of your battery.

    click here:

    Then check if they have it here, & if it's cheaper:

    If you are not familiar with these process (I don't know if your laptop is still in warranty or not), so I would advice you to call Toshiba's Tech Support hotline number (1-800-457-7777) for further assistance from the Phone Tech Support Team. Make sure to write down the name of the person who will get your call. Tell them you need to buy a new battery & you need the model number of the battery right for your laptop.

    FYI, which ever country your call will be routed to, please be patient & polite to the person who will take your call. After all, you are the one calling them for assistance with whatever issue you are having with your portable computer. Make sure to speak your name clearly (spell it, if need be) & provide all the info needed & asked for. They are trained professionals for handling simple matters, so I believe they should be able to assist you w/ any issue as long as IT IS WITHIN THEIR SCOPE OF SUPPORT. It depends on the company but be cooperative because these phone technicians have a specific handle time to be able to resolve the issue of a caller, so please do not be a jerk. Listen carefully to their instructions & follow it, because IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW MORE, then WHY CALL FOR ASSISTANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    If your computer's 1-yr Standard Limited Warranty has ALREADY EXPIRED, then ask them politely & talk to them in a friendly manner, for they are there to listen and PROVIDE YOU BASIC INFORMATION as much as they can.

    Best time to call, after midnight Pacific Time.

    For the battery life to last longer, you need more cells into it. So ask Toshiba if you can get a HIGHER CAPACITY 6 CELL BATTERY, b'coz the regular one doesn't last long.

    8 cell, 9 cell & 12 cell batteries means they can last longer.

    Additional info, read on:

    I used to work for a big name computer company & usually received a lot of calls regarding battery issues.

    A brand new computer's battery comes w/ a Standard 1yr Limited Warranty w/c means the expected life time of battery is only 1 year. Same thing goes for the charger.

    So, if you don't know how to take care of it, it will die out on you sooner than than expected.

    FYI: I always tell my customers, a laptop's battery is similar to a cell phone's. You charge it when it's depleted & you unplug the adapter when it is already fully charge (this will prevent the battery from getting overcharged & extend the life of the battery). So for less hassle, I always advice my customers to just remove the battery if they plan to use the computer for long hours straight (more than 1 hour) and just run it on AC power alone so as not to overcharge it & shorten the battery life.

    ONLY USE THE BATTERY FOR PORTABILITY, if you're on a trip, at McDonalds or Starbucks.

    If you're not after its portability, use it plugged into the wall socket all the time.

    For chargers, make sure you don't stretch out the cable too much that the one by the power jack that you plug into the side of the computer gets bent. Make sure this part is always straight or else the copper wires inside will break & you'll have the problem of the charger not working anymore like what happened to some of my callers.

    You might want to buy this to protect your screen:

    watch the video:

    Protect your screen from cracks, get a COOLER MASTER U2 Notebook Cooler w/c has dual purposes. Cool thing about it is, you can position the fans on the right spot for better ventialation.

    When travelling, detach the easily detacheable dual fan, then use the aluminum frame as a protection for your laptop's screen when inside the bag. I got mine from for $15, 48% cheaper than the regular $25 tag ( SKU#: 6344931).

    click to buy:

    Source(s): ~ My point of view: former Computer Tech. Nèó 8 © ~ 638435 / 8043195 ~ n³º ™
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  • 9 years ago

    Depends on the specific model and, as it's an older unit, whether or not batteries are still available for it. Check with Toshiba first, if only to find the highest price, then the sources listed below and/or do a Google search for laptop batteries.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    With most warranties, it can be replaced for free. Otherwise they range from $99-300.

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  • 9 years ago

    Price it here by model number:

    Usually $100.00 up for new original.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    129.99 each at Cosco

    Piece of Junk anyway dork

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