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why have i been blocked from wikianswers its not like i swore or wrote inappropirate answers they just bully?

they said i swore and bullied other users but i did not at all

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    Impossible to help you out here. We cannot see your actual activity as you have not provided us with links to what you DID say and do. Thus, we cannot tell you what you may have done.

    All we can tell you is that you did some things (plural) that the people behind Wikianswers thought were inappropriate, and they had enough, and they banned you. Either that, or you did one single thing that was so heinous it earned you being banned.

    No, don't just repeat yourself by saying you didn't do anything wrong. Drunks often say that when the police are hauling them away after pulling them over for driving under the influence. I once knew a guy who said "I didn't do anything wrong" six times before he said "I just punched him in the face a little, because he deserved it. What was wrong with that?" If you want people to help you determine what you did wrong, so you can avoid doing that again in the future, you need to provide people with evidence of what you did do. Links to pages and profiles. Copies of notices you received. Actual viable information.

    Otherwise, you are simply posting a complaint with a question mark at the end, and that's a rant... and that's a violation of the community guidelines here.

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    10 years ago

    you Must've Swore and Bullied other Users Wikianswers Doesint just pick on random users they blocked you because you were doing that kind of behavior

  • 10 years ago

    Someone Must of found your answer inappropriate.

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