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do you need a license to ride a 50cc moped in Brunei?

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    Brunei is so tiny this almost seems like an odd question. There is almost no where to go by moped that you can't go faster, safer, and cheaper than the good local bus. Further, river taxi and river shuttle boats cover much of Brunei.

    If you are going to rent a will need to present your passport and a valid driver's license. The license need not be an international one..and a standard car license is fine. If you don't have one of these..the bus system is your best alternative and the river taxi. Be sure to take the bus down to the ferry terminal where you can also catch a ferry over to Labuan Malaysia. It appears you are on a budget and I highly recommend the youth has a great new pool too. The rain forest eco-village is recommended..although I prefer Lambir Hills in Miri Malaysia. Bus to Miri leaves about 1:30 p.m. However..not from the bus terminal. When you are in town look for the two rivers...You are in the correct place if you are standing looking at the smaller river in front of you..the big river is to your right and there is a farmer's market across the river from where you stand. There is a flag pole behind you and a small parking spot there for a bus. Nothing is marked. Buy your ticket aboard the bus.

    If you know someone lending you their moped don't break any traffic rules and wear a helmet.

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