How much does it cost to have dual flywheel, clutch slave cylinder & clutch mounting bolts replaced?

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It is a ford galaxy 2007. Halfold auto charged me a whooping £1,504.... :-( they said PLAY IN FLYWHEEL REPLACE FLYWHEEL CLUTCH FRICTION PLATE DAMAGED REPLACE SLAVE CYLINDER & more
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Official ford dealership - £1100 - £1500

Local independent garage - £700-£900

Mate that works on cars - £500-£600 as parts cost in excess of £400 TRADE
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  • EvelynThe ModifiedDog. answered 3 years ago
    It's a bit late to be asking now if you've already paid it.
    Does seem a bit high but that's the downside to these DMF things, they cost an absolute fortune when they go.
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  • gojuryu answered 3 years ago
    Dmf's are terribly expensive for no mechanical or production reason I know of.
    However there is quite often a regular clutch unit you can replaxce it with if you ask.

    I assume you meant Halfords....Hmmmm..... why do you think we call them Halfrauds


    mech engineer
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  • John K answered 3 years ago
    At the Ford main dealers you would be about £1000 +vat for this job, so you have been overcharged.It is recommended by Ford that the dual mass flywheel and slave cylinder are replaced at the same time as the clutch


    mechanic 38 years
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  • i eat monkeys answered 3 years ago
    Lol labour would be the biggest part of the build, You should have asked for a quote first before you sent the car into Halfords, And as they are a big chain they are going to be expensive especially in labour, And cheap in parts as they supply their own.
    You need to find a local reliable mechanic who will be cheaper.
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  • eagledoc1949 answered 3 years ago
    Best is to call shops.
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