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How would you define innocence?

and can you go through your whole life being innocent?

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    10 years ago
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    Innocence is where forgetting comes first before forgiving. It is easy to forgive, but difficult to forget.

    Also innocence means pure and uncorrupted like the child's mind. The child is all curious and yet not in anyway carrying hatred within. Innocence is self absorbed and yet harmless. Innocence means a clean slate of conscience. No pricking conscience. Basically, your acts are such that it does not conflict with your concience and yet such actions reflect a spontanteiry and joy.

    Innocence is what Nature is. Innocence is our nature too. Innocence means all happiness. For that one has to bring in simplicity in life.

    As someone great has said, It is so simple to be happy, but difficult to be SIMPLE. A simple, selfless person like a child's nature - these are what saints too are. They are very very simple. They are not scholarly erudite and all serious. There is a spontaneity in them.

    Yes, saints carry innocence with them.

    Innocence has nothing to do with the topic of chastity. Sex and innocence can go together in fact. Innocence does not go along with arrogance. A mother or father of a dozen children also can have 'innocence' in them. Innocence is the outlook, the attitude towards life and also the actions which make it.

    A toothless village beggar laughing can also be innocence. An educated rich man farting and then laughing child like is also innocence. Innocence is when you dont put on a mask or a dress or an act.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Innocence = the state of not knowing or not being guilty of things being attributed to you.

    Yes, you can go through your whole life being innocent. There are many levels of innocence, but complete innocence after a certain ages is reserved for those who are born with the inability to lose it.

  • LG
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    10 years ago

    Not knowing where things will lead, the consequences of your actions, what can happen in the world. It's almost synonymous with ignorance.

    No, because once you try something, now you know. Innocence is gone. But it's replaced with wisdom.

    It's always a time for mourning though, when innocence is lost. Once it's lost, you can't go back. You can pretend you still have it. But it's never quite the same again.

  • 10 years ago

    It depends in which context, I would say young children are innocent as in not knowing life is an endless round of work to pay the bills, being innocent to sex and grown up issues, we can all be innocent sometimes to certain things, we can none of us know it all i suppose

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  • 5 years ago

    I'm not completely sure what it is my mom has told me it means not letting the world corrupt you. She says I'm still innocent because I see good in people. I've also heard that innocence means trusting people but doesnt everyone do that. Because trust is how we assess dangers in our society and take correct procautions based on how we trust people. May be its a fombination of these 3.

  • 10 years ago

    I wouldn't define it with words. I would just show a photo of my 5 month old baby sleeping and cuddling with his teddy bear. No you can't always be completely innocent. I bet even the most chaste nuns have the occasional "dirty" thought.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I will define innocence in action:press the door bell button of a house and then run away.....

  • Yoda
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    10 years ago

    The term ''define innocence'' is linguistically an oxymoron (oxy- sharply/pointedly + moros-blunt/dull/stupid).


    Innocent = In- (not) + gnosis- (to know)

    Define = De (completely) + finis (end/limit/boundary).

    If one is defining, one is not innocent: when the brain stops thinking, it is innocent.

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    10 years ago


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