Dying hair red to blonde? Help?!?!?

My natural hair colour is medium brown, but about 2 months ago I dyed my hair with Schwarzkopf XXL Live colour Red Passion, but now I'm bored with it and it won't fade!

Today I bought the XXL Live Absolute Platinum, but I'm worried that if I use it on my hair it will go a horrible orangey blonde! Does anyone have any experience with this dye?

Thanks :)


The colour won't fade because the dye is really strong as the brand used to be used in hairdressers only!

Update 2:

Also, I don't really want to use 12% peroxide as that would really badly damage my hair!

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    I did this! + i found it out by another youtuber which i thought naah this wont work but it did. I used the Extra strength Scott Cornwall colour b4. Then i used XXL Absolute platinum i used 2 boxes. it turned it near platinum NO orange at all. but i would recomend deep conditioning your hair for for while before doing the XXL because i think it has a little bleach in. Also buy a toner like Manic panic virgin snow.

  • 9 years ago

    Red is the hardest colour to get out of hair. I would not put the blonde on your hair purely because my friend did this and her hair went orange and yellow. Best thing you could do is go to a hairdressers and have your hair stripped. This will bring it back to your natural colour and then you can dye it, downfall with stripping it is it can be expensive, it can take more than one visit to a hairdressers and it can damage your hair although your hairdresser will advise you. Red is so hard to change, maybe a possibility would be to dye your hair a red brown and gradually keep adding more brown in than red and when it goes brown dye it blonde. Good luck

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    DON'T DYE YOUR HAIR BLONDE! It will be an absolute disaster!

    When you dye your hair red, you put a lot of red pigment in your hair, which is very hard to strip out, but if you try to put a blonde colour on top of that, you will end up with very streaky, orange hair. It won't work.

    Unfortunately, you need to go through the process of stripping your hair of the colour it is currently dyed. I'd suggest buying a heavy-duty dandruff shampoo (such as Head and Shoulders or Vosene) and use it every day for a week at least - leave it on overnight, even, if you can. This will strip quite a bit of the red out, I think. After that, I'd suggest forking out and seeing a hairdresser. They will be able to give you professional advice, and will be able to begin to strip you hair with bleach. They will be able to gradually bring your hair colour up to blonde, without turning it orange, and will be able to tone any brassy sections down.

    You'll need to see the hairdresser a few times, and it will cost a bit, but unfortunately that's the price you pay for going red!

    If you don't want to do this, and don't want to spend the money, it's going to take a long time for you to go from red to blonde. You will need to continue to strip your hair of it's colour until it is 99% gone, and then do the bleaching yourself. My advice is to see the hairdresser, because SO much can go wrong when you try to lighten your hair yourself! Either way will damage your hair, because bleaching always does, but the hairdresser will be able to advise you as to how to prevent as much damage as you can.

    As a final note, I'd suggest that every time you have your hair bleached, you should HEAVILY condition your hair. Leave it in overnight, and for as long as possible.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I've had to strip my hair from red to blonde before, and have done it myself and with a hairdresser - the hairdresser is the better choice!
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    9 years ago

    Red to blonde is very tricky to do without going to a professional. If the XX Live is not strong enough to lift all the red pigment from the hair, then you may have an orange color.

    In the salon, your colorist may recommend that you keep your red color as a base color; then add highlights. This will help maintain the health of your hair. You may also consider getting a dual process haircolor which will give you highlights, but attempt to tone down the base red color to a more ashy brown

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    9 years ago

    I think try the suggestion of Hmack your other answer if that doesnt work. let the hairdresser sort the problem out as by then you will know you have done all you can to get the colour you want from home dye kits and it hadnt worked but hopefully it will.

  • 9 years ago

    peroxide will work wonders. i have light brown hair and now it's a really cool golden color. all you do is buy the peroxide in the spray bottle (it should be around a dollar), spray it all over your hair to soak it and leave it for about an hour. then wash it out with warm water and let it dry. that's all, you don't have to spend like 7 bucks on blonde hair dye so you save money too.

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    9 years ago


    Its terrible and has low levels of peroxide in.

    Go to sally, and ask them to get you says 9/12% vol in peroxide and a packet of powder, or buy this:


    the middle maximum one.

    use that once for an hour, it will go yellow then buy the lightest ASH, make sure its ash even if others look lighter, only ash blondes will remove the yellow and leave it on for about an hour.

    try this: http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/hair-colour/all-over...

    it will go lighter than whats on the packet, dont worry.

    Source(s): im a hair dresser.
  • 9 years ago

    I've ruined my hair too many times - I go to a professional for advice and to do the job. Some hairdressers offer a free consultation - that's what I'd do first

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    9 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    god dont do it yourself. I am naturally brown and died my hair black then wanted to go red so had to have the colour stripped first. I went to salon for this and had it doed red then 2 months later decided i wanted to go blonde. I also had to go to salon to have the colour stripped and it took 6 hours lol.

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