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My foreskin still covers my penis' head when erect?

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I'm 16, and pretty much every time I see a picture of a penis at school (in Sex Ed) or a penis in a porn film, they always have their foreskin behind the penis head. When I'm ...show more
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Provided you can manually retract your foreskin after getting an erection there is nothing to worry about. For some men the foreskin fully retracts during erection whereas for others (like you) it doesn't do so. Both situations are perfectly normal. Not auto-retracting is particularly prevalent when one has a long, overhanging foreskin.

If your foreskin bothers you then see a doctor about the possibility of getting a circumcision.
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  • Dan H answered 4 years ago
    Some foreskins don't retract all the way. As long as it doesn't hurt when erect or during sex, there is not problem.

    Yes, you can gently pull on the foreskin every time you are erect - it may stretch enough over time to retract more or fully.
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  • Eliezer answered 4 years ago
    I'm 19 and my penis is that way. I enjoy sex normally and I don't have any problems. It's normal some penis have mos foreskin than others. If it hurts or the skin tears when you pull it back then you should talk to your parents about it cause you can get an infection and it can get serious.


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  • PwntYou123 answered 4 years ago
    You have to pull it back down yourself, do this a couple times then every time you get erect your foreskin will go down. It will probably hurt when you try to pull it back down, looks like you never tried masturbating or never messed with your penis before.
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  • Wesley A answered 4 years ago
    Like the others said, that's normal. Mine is just like you described too. As long as you can move it back yourself, you are fine. Most guys have to manually push the foreskin back. It usually doesn't go back by itself unless you have a really short one. Don't believe what you see in porn. Remember that the director heavily edits what you see on screen. Most of those guys that are uncut probably push theirs back too (they just cut that part out in editing). Plus, in American porn, a lot of the guys are circumcised and don't even have foreskin anyway.

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  • moose answered 4 years ago
    There is nothing wrong with you. Can you retract when you are hard manually? If you can then all is fine. Some guys have a long foreskin and some dont. Mine still covers about half the head when errect but if I pull it back it stays there. There is not way to make your foreskin shorter but in some cases it does get shorter as you get older (as in over 50). Dont listen if someone says to get circumcised because they are just jealous they didnt get the choice to have a foreskin or not.

    Why would you want to be circumcised? If over 80% of the worlds men are intact (uncircumcised ) could it really be all that bad?

    Some say its cleaner to be circumcised.
    So does that mean that circumcised guys will lack the intelligence to do something as simple as pull his foreskin back, wash then rinse? I have no problem with smegma or smell. By that logic then cut guys don't have to wash?

    Or maybe to help prevent you/him catching AIDS?
    So "IF" this is true (I don't think it is) then why is the AIDS rate in the USA so high when the circ rate is still high for adult men, but in Europe the AIDS rate is lower where the vast majority of men are uncut. Also what is wrong with wearing a condom? Not only stops pregnancy but many other STD's as well.

    Some say a natural intact penis is ugly.
    So just because "some" people think it looks better does that mean everyone must be cut? Should all women have breast implants because "some" guys like large breasts?
    Plus is a big scar attractive on your face like it is on your penis? Shouldn't a person love another for who they are and not the type of penis they have?
    plus check out this link and tell me they look better?

    Uncut guys get phismosis?
    So because "SOME" men "MAY" have this issue all men should be cut? Doesn't make sense to me even more so when phismosis can be treated without circumcision. Plus we keep our tonsils and appendix when some people have problems with them.

    To stop you/him getting picked on at school/in the gym?
    I never did when a lot of the other guys at school were cut. Why would other guys be looking at my penis anyway? Plus I have never had a sexual partner say they didn't want to have sex with me because of my foreskin.

    So son and dad look the same?
    I work with a guy who had an arm removed. His sons still have both arms, should they have theirs removed to be the same as dad? I never compared my penis with my dad. Plus wouldn't an adults penis be bigger and hairier than the boy anyway?

    Its my right as a parent to do what I want to my child.
    Is it your right to remove a part of your child's body for any of the above reasons when it does not need to be removed?




    (pics from baby circumcision)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8voOaGouDM&feature=browch (functions of the foreskin animation)



    http://sexasnatureintendedit.com/ (recommended for 18+yo)

    If you are having trouble retracting manually or cant retract to clean/urinate then let me know and I can give you more info.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    you sure you aren't looking at cut ones have you try pulling it back on your own there is no time limit on when it needs too be pulled backed some can do it early and some other guys don't till they are in their 20 just keep pulling it back each day when you bath which is the best place shower or pee take your time and you will get it too the point were it will slide back when you are boned we put a very good web page up for you and anyone who wants too check it out we blame this on the doctors for not telling your parents what they should teach you on how too pull it back and when too start it is very good reading and written by several doctors


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  • Rich G answered 4 years ago
    You're fine, you may just have a longer foreskin which is great, leave it alone, your foreskin doesn't necessarily need to go all the way back.
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  • keke answered 4 years ago
    some person have more foreskin than others....it might mean you penis isnt don growing.
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  • Jim answered 4 years ago
    that is normal as long as you can retract it

    if not you can stretch it



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  • My foreskin still covers my penis' head when erect?
    I'm 16, and pretty much every time I see a picture of a penis at school (in Sex Ed) or a penis in a porn film, they always have their foreskin behind the penis head. When I'm erect, my foreskin still covers it. Will it eventually retract? Is there any ways to maybe help it so it will retract over my head every time I get an erection?

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  • Bolite Qrac answered 4 years ago
    If you cannot pull it over head at all, you have a disease called "Phimosis"
    I talked to my parents about it (I used to have it) and they took me to a doctor... They fixed at all
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  • blazq420 answered 4 years ago
    trauma shears
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