Available on Comcast On Demand?

Would someone who gets Comcast On Demand but not the Digital Preferred channel package please tell me whether it has Doctor Who?

A Comcast sales rep claimed it will no longer be available if I cancel the block of channels with BBC. But since they have an interest in me NOT cancelling - and wouldn't even answer the question until I explained that I am planning to cancel channels that I currently pay for - I don't entirely trust their answer.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have Comcast, the Digital Starter package, that comes with OnDemand (as well as a Comcast DVR with TiVo) so I do not get BBCA buuut I've still been able to watch the episodes of Doctor Who listed as available on OnDemand (HD versions), including the newest ones.

    Altho it has now been more than a day since the 3rd ep of the 6th season, & it is not available yet/ still has not shown up (which is how I found this question, lol searching to see who else hasn't found it posted yet) but I think that is simply a general OnDemand issue, not package-specific, heh.

    The only OnDemand programs I've really ever had trouble viewing were movies from premium movie channels (which I also do not have). Hope this helps!! XD


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