Why is "product" the most important part of the marketing mix?

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Product is the most important aspect in marketing mix because without the product there is nothing to be promoted, strategically placed and priced.


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  • Tamrakay answered 3 years ago
    It's really the starting point...you cant have distribution, promotion or pricing without the product to begin with. A well designed product or service has to be in place before the others.
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  • Himanshi aisha answered 3 years ago
    Hey Luke,

    As we know marketing mix consist 4 P's i.e. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. ( Now there are 7 P's)
    Product could be any tangible object or intangible service. after that we go with Price of that product then Place for sell or buy the product. we promote our product or services.
    So, we can see all of other P's are based on Product part of market mix.
    therefore, Product is most important part of marketing mix.

    Source: ePromoZone
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