What tv shows are filmed in Cardiff?

I already know that Torchwood, Doctor Who and Merlin are filmed in Cardiff, I know that Casualty will be filmed in Cardiff soon but do you know any more tv shows that are filmed in Cardiff?.

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    Shows filmed in Cardiff:

    1. Torchwood

    2. Doctor Who

    3. Merlin

    4. Sarah Jane Adventures

    5. Gavin and Stacey

    6. Caerdydd

    7. Pobl y Cwm

    8. In 2010, Cardiff was used for filming of Sherlock

    9. Remake of Upstairs, Downstairs

    Announced on October 15, 2008 that the BBC is to move filming of these shows to studios in Cardiff and confirmed on 27 March 2009 that filming will be begin in 2011:

    10. Casualty

    11. Crimewatch

    Films filmed in Cardiff:

    1. Human Traffic

    2. The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

    3. 28 Weeks Later

    4. also referenced in Mars Attacks!

    Hope this helps!

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