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    Sebastien Loeb :)

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    Two come to mind - Walter Röhrl and Ari Vatanen

    With regard to the former, he was labeled as a "genius on wheels" by reknowned racer Niki Lauda, particularly during the fog-heavy and rain-soaked 1992 24 Hours of Nürburgring. On a track that was (and still is considered) dangerous to drive in heavy fog and rain, Röhrl just anticipated corners by timing and won.

    With regard to the latter, he blazed the rally racing trail for many a Scandinavian driver. His car control is regarded as one of the best, as seen in the "Climb Dance" short film (about Vatanen's record-setting 1988 Pikes Peak hill climb in a Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 GR) and a segment on Youtube during the 1983 Manx Rally in an Opel Ascona 400.

    I chose these two because they competed in the 1982-1986 Group B era, where drivers and co-drivers literally put their lives in their own hands because of the outright dangerous performances of the cars running in the said class.

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    Sebastian Loeb

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    Ken Block

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    "Ken Block"........ So funny, =]

    Modern day? Mr Loeb :)

    Papa, :)

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    tommi makinen

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