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Would an Intelligence Operation or "Black-Op" Include Freezing The Subject Out of the Labour Market?

I have a well-educated and mentally stable friend who lives in Europe and swears that he has been dodged by potential employers, avoided by potential business partners at the last minute, been suddenly cut off from academic funding a few years ago and cannot even get assistance from the church in various matters, despite no criminal record and excellent past performance. He claims to have experienced similar "shunning" in several western countries. This is not a question about whether or not he is paranoid or whether or not he is actually being "isolated" or "frozen out".

The question I have for those in the know about intelligence operations is:

1) Is there any record of such "black-ops" being used on regular citizens with no criminal record in order to isolate them economically and otherwise? (I'm not talking about suspected terrorists here)

2) In Europe, who would likely be running such operations against regular citizens not involved in any extreme politics or other dubious activities? Why?

3) Are there typical signs or indications that would signal to this person that this is really occurring?

4) Assuming this really IS happening to him, how might he get proof and expose an unjustified operation?


Thanks for serious insights so far! Yes, he does bathe and I can vouch for him not being a loony and for a complete lack of abrasive/confrontational/bizarre personality. Let's give him the benefit of a doubt for the sake of the question.

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    9 years ago
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    I seriously question your assertion that your friend is "mentally stable." I mean, seriously.

    ADD: For the sake of the question, consider Occam's Razor. I'll wait a moment if you need to look it up....

    Okay, so which explanation is more likely - A) There's a vast, international and apparently arbitrary conspiracy being perpetrated against random individuals for no apparent reason whatsoever, requiring a level of competent intelligence sharing and coordination heretofore unseen between international government agencies or B) Your friend has some psychiatric or character flaw that you are unable to identify, possibly because your closeness to the subject is clouding your objectiveness?

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  • Stuart
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    9 years ago

    This is not a typical activity that a person would be subjected to. No agency that I'm aware of would have the time or resources to stay enough steps ahead of the person to successfully terminate every possibility for him, even stuff he wants to accomplish on a whim.

    Your well educated, mentally stable friend might want to consider the possibility that people just don't want anything to do with him.

    Does he bathe regularly?

    - Stuart

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