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If every eligible voter in America voted next Presidential election would Obama win in your opinion?

I don't think so I think Obama would lose miserably.

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  • Raatz
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    I think he would win _overwhelmingly_. This is how he got elected in the first place, high voter turn out from previous unregistered voters.

  • PoBoy
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    9 years ago

    Good Q. But, the answer is unknown.

    Not to be snide, but, did you ever watch JayWalking on the Jay Leno Tonight Show? Leno finds average folks who are as dumb as posts. But the catch is these folks have jobs, are college graduates/students and are generally productive members of society. He does not seek out the dumb.

    If we got every person to vote we would have folks voting that could not spell CAT, let alone distinguish between ideas. Our voters can barely spell CAT now.

    No way to predict the outcome of a vote with 100% participation. My guess: either some random cute guy or one of the Kardashians.

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    Well, if at least twice the amount of illegals & legal Hispanics and otherwise, voted again, and all, plus more Democrats voted again, AND if those people who were paid to use dead people as Democrats voted for Obama again, YES, he most likely would win the election. However, I believe there are enough pissed off people, Republicans and otherwise out here, that even WITH the dishonesty used in his last election, he may not stand a chance because of our disgust at his lack of tactless nature.

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  • Consider the following and ask yourself if you really want MORE participation?

    Every year I see:

    > Democrats who are utterly helpless if no one's passing-out "slate-cards" outside. They skulk in and plaintively ask, "where's the list of who I'm supposed to vote for?" and get angry when we won't tell them how they should vote.

    > Democrats who don't understand what a Primary is so in the Spring they're angry the nice looking Republican who stopped at their door isn't on their ballot and they accuse us of rigging the machine.

    > Democrats who don't understand what a general Election is so in November they're livid they DO see Republicans on their ballot and they accuse us of rigging the machine.

    > Democrats who don't understand the American political system extends beyond their own neighborhood and are livid they can't vote for a guy running for Mayor in some town in the next County so they accuse us of rigging the machine.

    > Democrats who talked to all 4 adults on their block and believe they can predict a NATIONAL election that way so they wag their finger at us and warn if their guy doesn't win they'll know it's because we rigged the machine.

    > Democrats who announce their single issue driving them to show-up and explain that's why they came to vote for the guy with TV commercials informing us he's on the opposing said of that issue.

    In case some of you Democrats didn't pick-up on this from context, I WORK the polls in my District and it's MY JOB to verify registration data when voters come in. It's not a guess, not an assumption, not an exaggeration - ALL of the acts of retardation outlined above are displayed ONLY by Democrats, and yes - it happens A LOT.

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    Most eligible voters I know who don't vote simply don't care so if they did vote - they wouldn't choose anybody or they would pick at random. I think he doesn't stand a chance really. Our country is in a state of disaster economically and he's busy running the talk show circuit campainging to stay in. It's sick really. It's like he doesn't have a job.

  • By a landslide. And the reason is not so much that he has been a great President as what the Republicans are selling now even the Police/Fire Fighters and the perennial Republican backers the seniors are now heavily against.

  • 9 years ago

    There is NO way! That is not the way it will happen though...we have already seen what happens when folks do not feel anyone is worthy of their vote....they stay home! They just do not get it that we sometimes have to vote one way just to keep the election from going the other way!

    Yes, Obama would lose miserably.

    God bless

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  • 9 years ago

    Obama winning is more likely than it actually happening.

  • 9 years ago

    No, Obama is a disgrace as President. He's a left wing liberal socialist Democrat that is doing his best to ruin our currency and our country.

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