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Help I need to lose 1-2 stone in 8 weeks?

Hi, I'm going on holiday in 8 weeks and would love to lose at least 1 but ideally 2 stone. I plan to do 30 mins brisk uphill walk on the treadmill 5 days a week, lots of sit ups and also do as much as I can on the cross trainer ( but at the moment can only manage 15 mins!) could anyone give me guidelines on a good eating plan. I'm going to cut out alcohol, should I also cut out bread and dairy? I currently weigh 13 stone and am 5"6. Thanks!

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    changing your diet to only healthy foods is the best thing you can do and will ensure you will lose weight if combine with walking everyday especially.

    you can eat how much you like if you stay within these 3 guidelines and still lose fat naturally and gradually. You should lose 10lbs each month on average. only steamed lean meats, eggs, healthy fruits ,vegetables, nuts, grains, & yogurt..2. drink only water, juice, & milk..3. walk or do some physical exercise 1-3 hour every day.

    (btw, recommend you also to buy an electronic food steamer ((Very cheap)) and a rice cooker as makes it very easy to prepare healthy meals ,,add a bit of olive oil and pepper, spices on top of steamed vegeatables, fish or chicken to add more taste if wish as these are healthy too.)

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    You'll probably lose 1 stone in 8 weeks. 2 is double the effort plus half the calorie intake. 1 is hard enough already.

    Get a meal plan. There are a lot of free menus out there. I highly recommend this site for all your nutrition guidelines. There are also a lot of meal ideas here: scoobysworkshop dot com.

    Source(s): On a 90 day program. Long term goal: lose 30 lbs.
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    Ashley hun, to lose such a dramatic amount of weight in 8 weeks you're going to need to be really disciplined.

    I'd recommend the maple syrup diet or/and:

    Liquids only for at least 2 days

    - 3 times a day warm water with lemon and honey

    - Twice per day smoothie

    - 3 times a day green tea

    I'd follow this with:

    - every morning start with warm water honey and lemon

    - 20mins intensive exercise before eating anything

    - good staple breakfast, including fruit which should be eaten before other food

    - snack during day on fruit and celery

    - replace lunch and dinner with protein shakes/ have small regular portions of food - mainly fruit and veg.

    Avoid red meat, diary and bread. Replace bread with couscous, brown rice/pasta. But try and manage on fruit and veg as much as possible.

    Don't eat close to bedtime

    Please contact me personally if you want something more specific

    Good luck!

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    Man up. Studies show that women binge on food more as compared to men and, when food options are emotional, it’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, eat tiny amounts when you’re hungry, certainly not when you’re bored or miserable, and once a week day the girls for beer in addition to pizza – you’ve earned the item.

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    ive lost half a stone in 4 days, just from only having tea in the morning and soup in the afternoon if im really hungry.. i also do 2 hours of walking and 50-100 crunchies everynight

    i was 9.5 stone and im now just under 9 :)

    good luck

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    Eat dinner no later than three hours prior to going to bed. When you sleep, so does your digestive technique, so if you eat a sandwich a couple of hours before falling asleep, you’ll wake up each day with it undigested in your stomach. This often causes that you feel too full to take care of breakfast, meaning you starve one's body until lunch, having a detrimental influence on the rate of your fat burning capacity.

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    When you finally wake up, eat breakfast once you can. This kick starts your metabolism to operate at a higher rate and burns more calories in daytime.

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    Preset the timer on your own TV to turn off after a couple of hours to remind you to take action more active.

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    there is no such thing as a healthy diet without fruits and vegetables...

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    People who embark on a weight-loss journey having a partner are 37 per cent very likely to stick with it than individuals who go it alone, according to a recent study from Indiana University the united states.

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