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Why are there so much more gun deaths in USA than any other developed country? I thought guns make us safer?

According to Small arms survey 2007, there are about 90 guns/100 citizens in USA. Way more than in any other country. But somehow the US violent crime statistics are partically high compared to other first world countries.

Of the 2,503 homicides in California in -05, 75% were committed with a gun. In fact, there are more gun homicides in California alone than in any first world COUNTRY. And California only accounts about 1/6 of the total US number. Go ahead - prove me wrong.

Approximately 1,000 - 1,500 fatal firearm accidents occur every year in the U.S. That's about 3.5 - 5 fatal firearm accidents/1 million citizens - multible times more than for instance Canada(2), France(1.1), Australia(1.1) Germany(0.4), UK(0.1) or Japan (0.05)

How come? What I'm missing here? I thought the guns are so awesome that make us safer, not more dangerous....

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    Mostly because the US is a free country, without firearm we are only subject or slaves. You are completely incorrect about US violent crime statistics are particularly high compared to other first world countries, so I would guess you got your false statistics from some gun haters site.

    Violent crime has doubled in Scotland over the past 20 years and levels, per head of population, are now comparable with cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Tbilisi. While violent crime has dropped dramatically in the US in the past 20 years.

    Gun control doesn't work in California, Chicago, or Washington, DC now does it? These these places in the US has some of the most strict firearm laws in the US and have the highest violent crime rate. Now you have to take in to consideration of the 700,000 plus by the FBI's figures that use a firearm to keep from becoming a victim of a violent crime. Think about this, if it were not for that fact there would be a lot more murders in the US.

    Your claim of 1,000 - 1,500 fatal firearm accidents occur every year in the U.S, is a little high, but that is probably because of the fact that you got those figures from anti-gun site. But even by using your figures it is a long ways from the 40,000 accidental deaths cause by motor vehicles.

    Firearms do make us much safer, just ask yourself this question, if you were walking down the street and 3 big men jump out a car and started toward you telling you they were going to beat you to death, would you fell safer if I stepped out with my firearm in hand, or if I stepped out and told you to kick the $hit out of those big thugs????????

    @ Bit O'Honey. Me nor any of the other 80 million law abiding firearm owners didn't lose control of ourselves with firearms yesterday.

    @ Possum. You have been reading far to much anti-gun propaganda to make such an incorrect statement as you made. Why do you suppose violent crime went down instead of up after most states passed the Shall Issue Concealed Carry right that put hundreds of thousands of firearm in law abiding citizen pockets? Common sense would tell us if what you falsely claim was really true, that violent crime would have skyrocketed instead of dropping dramatically.

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    More people die in car accidents than at the end of a firearm. I guess we should ban motor vehicles, too. There is really no good argument for getting rid of guns. We don't really *need* them, but blame human stupidity for elevated crime rates.

    Also, firearms are still permitted probably because it keeps the population (primarily males, of course) interested in military enlistment. There are a lot of people who enlist just so they can play with guns. Nothing wrong with it, just sayin'. Firearm prohibition will never happen. If people keep pushing for it, the government's just going to start restricting the purchase of guns based on background checks which will only allow for more discrimination and invasion of privacy.

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    Where did you get the idea that guns make us safer? It's been proven that if someone owns a gun, they are many times more likely to get shot than people who don't own a gun. Most criminals in the US have guns because it it way to easy to buy or steal guns. In no other developed country is it legal to own handguns. It should only be legal to own rifles and shotguns, not handguns. The NRA are a bunch of fascists who don't care about human lives.

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    Guns can't make anything safer or less safe, people that use guns can though.

    The Untied States just happens to have a very high population and the freedom to own guns. That was a tough one to figure out, huh?

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    Obviously, if guns are readily available, they are more likely to be used. It is not rocket science.

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    guns do make us safe, people are the problem

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    9 years ago

    People can't control themselves with guns.

    People abuse their free will.

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