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How do I fix Netgear Wireless router?

I was trying to get my Blackberry connected to wifi and read that I should set my Netgear router to WEP I think thats what it's called, so I went in to the security settings and changed it to wep but lost the internet connection? Now I can only access the net when I plug the ethernet straight in to my laptop, I tried to reset factory settings on router and it says connected but there's still no internet access and I can't get back on to the security settings for the router because there is no internet (not that I can even remember what the security settings were originally set to), can anyone help so that I don't have to wait an hour on the phone to some foreigner who has no idea how to fix it?

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    When you went into the security settings over the internet and changed it to WEP, it should of had some boxes where you could create a password for the WEP internet access. If you want to change it back try typing your I.P. into the address bar and go into wireless settings, then select your usual internet access, which should have been either 'Mixed, etc' or WPA, (something like that). Hope this helped.

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    Type your model number in. The user manual and all info you will need is there:

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