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The sims 3 crashes when moving in.?

GOSH! I SWEAR THE SIMS 3 JUST JUMPS FROM ONE PROBLEM TO ANOTHER, FIRST IT WAS RANDOM CRASHES IN THE GAME, AND NOW, IT'S CRASHING WHEN I MOVE A NEW FAMILY INTO A HOUSEHOLD. It crashed to desktop. I have met the minimum requirments. So what is the probblem? I have contacted EA 8 times today (and no I am not exaddrating) :( I just wanna play...

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    To stop crashing Sims 3, you shall delete the newly installed custom contents, if any. In addition to this, clear Sims cache as well.

    Following are the detailed steps:

    Delete the Newly Installed Custom Contents:

    - - -

    1. Close The Sims completely.

    2. Open My Computer.

    3. Open the following directory:

    C:\Program Files\EA Games

    4. Double click Downloads folder and delete all the files & sub-folders inside it.

    5. Do the same here- Double click Mods folder and delete its contents.

    Clear the Cache:

    - - -

    1. Close The Sims.

    2. Click Start.

    3. Select My Documents.

    4. Double click EA Games\The Sims.

    5. Delete these two files: Groups.cache and Cigen.package

    More Info here:

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    > restore and sparkling residing house windows Registry because of the fact the corrupted registry keys created via the interest and quite a number of different different courses reason courses to malfunctionn. > installation the maximum modern Microsoft.internet framework on your equipment. you will get this from the valid internet internet site of Microsoft. > you need to stay logged-in once you're installation/downloading Sims 3 interest or expansions packs. . > Uninstall and then reinstall the EA get carry of supervisor. > If Sims 3 previous due evening is crashing for the duration of the interest play then flow into the recent community and then flow into the edit city mode. locate the gray empty lot and bulldoze that lot. > attempt to replace the interest patches manually. > Disable firewall/antivirus whilst updating/installation Sims 3. > After updating do no longer play the interest in the present day. > restoration Dll and different registry corruption by using Reginout test and replace Microsoft Direct -X

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    If you are using Sims 3 custom content, or even if it's not, delete the house. See if the problem is for all lots.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Google it! Or Call The Customer Help Line

    Hope This Helped.

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