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A couple questions about the Origin of Language?

So I've been interested lately in learning about the origin of the human language and i have a couple questions that i can't find the answer to:

1) Where do words come from? (more specifically: why do we use the words we use today like what made people think of those words and why?)

2) What was the first language ever spoken in the world?

3) Where do other languages come from? (like did spanish, french, german, etc.come from english or what?)

4) How many LEGIT languages that are still spoken are there right now?

thank you so much for all answers!!! 10 pts for best answers to all questions! :)

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  • Alex
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    1. They evolved from previous languages. Languages evolve out of their predecessors, and branch off from their predecessors. Like how Spanish, Italian, French, etc. evolved out of Latin.

    2. Linguists don't even begin to know this. Waaay too complex. There's a theory about Proto-Human (a language some linguists think existed a really long time ago and was the origin of all languages), but it's just a theory, there's not much evidence one way or the other. It's on Wikipedia if you want to read more about it.

    3. No, those languages didn't come from English. Again, languages evolve out of their predecessors. Think of like how a family tree works. English and German have a common ancestor (a dead language, not in existence anymore), so they'd be something like cousins. English and French also have a common ancestor, but the ancestor is a lot more distant, so they'd be like more a third cousin twice removed or something by comparison. That's the easiest way of thinking of language evolution.

    4. Estimated 6,000. Guesses vary a lot though (it's a hard thing to estimate...). I don't know what you mean by "legit." The estimations include any modern language spoken natively by some population (i.e. it wouldn't include dead languages).

    Source(s): Linguistics major.
  • deuell
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  • Amy
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    Interesting questions. Unfortunately, not even the "experts" can adequately answer most of them. They do believe that humans used language about 100,000 years ago. Written language is much younger. Sumerian and Egyptian are usually credited with being the first written languages in about 3200 BC.

    As to how many languages are currently spoken, I have seen one estimate at about 6,800.

    You might find answers to some of your questions (or new questions to ask) by reading "Ask a Linguist FAQ: Oldest Language" at

    Source(s): retired ESL teacher
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1) They are simply assigned. Going back to the original, probably used onomatopoeias first.

    2) As writing came along so much later, no one really is, for purposes of discussion, referred to as proto-indo-european.

    3) Huh? Spanish, French, etc., evolved from Latin. English evolved from proto-Germanic. What makes you think they might have all come from ENGLISH? English is actually a late-comer in the linguistic world!

    4) I don't think anyone knows that, either...there are still some pockets of people that haven't had very much contact with People who might be studying such things.

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    I think it came from some greek dude or whatever and he made it idk i ask people these things but they just say its the way god made it because people were fighting to much

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