Parents/parents to be in the UK - how do you feel about this..?

If you've seen the "Misbehaving Mums To Be" series on BBC 3 lately then you'll have more of an idea of what I'm walking about.

So yeah, how do you feel about these situations? Did you do any of this?

1.Smoking during pregnancy

Especially when the mother to be knows the risks?

Did you smoke during pregnancy?

How much?

2. Drinking during pregnancy

Especially when the mum to be knows the risks?

Did you drink during pregnancy?

How much?

3. Over/under eating

Especially is the mum to be knows the consequences?

Did you over/under eat?


Have any of you seen the Tv programs?

Take a look :)

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    Im completely against smoking during pregnancy, and am also against parents (including fathers, or other members of the household) smoking as a rule - its a habit that has long term affects on the people around it, not just the person sucking on the butt end. I think its completely selfish and irresponsible, especially during pregnancy, but when I see a woman pushing a pram and smoking, I make an assumption that that woman did not quit smoking during her 9 months of pregnancy - what woman would stop smoking for 9 months then light up once the baby is born?

    Im not as against drinking during pregnancy as smoking, but I most certainly do not advocate it. I do think if a woman feels desperate to have an alcoholic beverage then a glass of red wine should be the limit, and very occasionally. We all know the risks of drinking alcohol on a healthy body, so I think its important to remember those risks while pregnant. That being said, I do think its interesting that some European countries have very different views about alcohol and drinking during pregnancy, and their attitudes are very different as well - and as a result I believe their dependency and long term side affects are different too.

    Over and under eating is a tricky one - I have done both during this pregnancy, but I agree with above poster - can it be helped? Some woman do completely loose their appetite, but you cant force yourself to eat when you dont feel like it. I guess the typical "eat healthily when you do eat" rule is the best one to follow, but I cant say I follow that myself. I do think fresh fruit and vegetables are vital in pregnancy.

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    1. I don't like the idea of smoking in pregnancy. Personally I think it's a very selfish thing to do but then I have never smoked so it's an easy thing for me to say because I'm not addicted and can't pretend to know what it's like to try to quit. I don't like other people smoking around pregnant women/children either. I find it upsetting because the child has no choice.

    2. Drinking very small amounts during pregnancy isn't something which bothers me. It's just that everyones idea of a small amount varies. There is no evidence at all to suggest that moderate drinking causes FAS and in many countries women drink a little during pregnancy. Just in the UK we tend to go to extremes, just like with avoiding vitamin A in pregnancy. It's one of those things which a huge number of women do but very few will have the guts to admit to.

    3. Deliberately doing this is silly. Again it's selfish.

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    1. No, i did not smoke during either of my three pregnancies and yes i do know the risks.

    2. No, i didn't drink while i was pregnant, well at least not once i found out i was pregnant and i only had two drinks about a week before i found out i was pregnant with my first child and none once i knew.

    3. i am guilty of under eating during my third pregnancy. i had started treatment for anorexia only 6 weeks before i fell pregnant unexpectedly and although i kept it together to begin with, by the time i was 14 weeks pregnant i had relapsed and struggled to stick to a normal diet. i didn't loose any weight but i didn't gain any weight after the 14 weeks either. thankfully i had a good antenatal and psychiatric team and my son was born weighing 9lbs 4oz at 36 weeks in spite of me not having gained weight. it did take a massive toll on my body because everything the baby needed was leeched from whatever stores i had. i did not look like a blooming healthy new mum. looking at photos from then (2 1/2 years ago) i looked more like a ghost, but my baby was healthy and that's what counts. getting pregnant at the start of a treatment plan for anorexia is not exactly ideal, but abortion was simply out of the question and i thought i could be "good" for the baby's sake, and i was able to eat 3 meals a day for 14 weeks and then well, i don't know what happend, it's history.

    i'm recovered now, but still have to attend regular treatment because i have relapsed twice in since my son's birth. but the last time was over a year ago now, so it's looking good...

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    1. hate smoking in general but even more so when its done during pregnancy, i was a smoker several years ago but wouldnt ever do it as a parent its just not fair on the baby. you may not be able to see the effects it can have on a baby but it doesnt mean it hasnt effected them.

    2. i havent drank during pregnancy for the same reason as smoking, although you are allowed a certain amount when pregnant its best to avoid it completely, id never want to risk my babies being born with fetal alcohol syndrome, whats 9 months of going without? surely as a parent your baby means more and their health should come first.

    3. you cant always help the way you eat during pregnancy, some women completely lose their appetite and its not their fault. its unlikely to damage the baby in any way, most women suffer from morning sickness and cant keep food down but their babies are usually born healthy. as long as you try and stick to a good diet, take vitamins and drink lots of water then itll be fine whether you dont eat enough or eat too much, the baby gets what they need from mums sources so theyll very rarely be in a position where they dont get what they need, its the mum who will suffer.

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    It was a long time ago but I did smoke during my pregnancy and I had no problems and daughter was 7lb 2oz. since then my daughter has had 2 pregnancies and smoked on and off during the pregnancy. Neither of us drank alcohol during pregnancy or over eat but I did gain a massive amount of weight during pregnancy.

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    I know im going to sound like a goody goody but after one miscarriage i was taking no chances!

    I didnt smoke drink or over/under eat :) xx

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