Is my 3 week Europe Itinerary and budget realistic? Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Slovenia, Croatia?

This summer me and my boyfriend would really like to travel europe by Interail starting at the beginning of September and spending about 3 weeks travelling. We live in the UK and are interested in purchasing either the £289 22 day continuous rail pass or the 10 days within 22 days pass for £229. We are both students and so would ideally want to spend around about £800 pounds (each) on the trip covering everything including accommodation, food, and activities or up to a maximum of £1000. In terms of accommodation we are intending to use hostels although are willing to camp if strongly suggested. In terms of how we live we are looking to self-cater for ourselves with occasional treats such as eating out occasionally enjoying some of the night life and visiting as many as the sights as we can afford.

The route we are looking at covering follows:

Berlin (4 days) - either fly out to from the UK or add paris to the journey and use a night train to get to Berlin

Prague (3 days)

Krakow (2-3 days) - one day spent visiting Auchwitz

Budapest (1-2) days - Stopover and visit the famous baths

Slovenia (4 days) - one day in Ljubljana, one day visiting Bled, One day visiting Lake Bohinj and Mount Vogel, one day visiting the caves at Postojna

Croatia (4 days) - 2 days dubrovnik, 2days traveling down possibly stopping in Split or taking an over night ferry from Rijeka

We are not sure whether or not the suggested time periods in each place are too long or short to experience the places. We want to experience as much as we can but at the same time enjoy the places. Initally we were looking to include Paris and then Amsterdam before Berlin but thought this may stretch the cost and time? What do you think? Also we were wondering if the route may be better in reverse in terms of weather?

As you may be able to tell this is our first time travelling Europe although we have visited various parts of western Europe before. We are looking for any suggestions and advice that may be appropriate and also any additional or alternative things to see along the way

Thank you

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  • jonal
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    9 years ago
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    Oh, you're clever....cutting out Amsterdam and Paris was a good move, like a well-seasoned traveler.

    One point though. For any place that isn't dangerous or a complete nightmare or totally boring time is too long but plenty are too short, haha.

    You've got two regions with a long lovely train ride between them. North and south.

    Do-able and very pleasant, all those. But less is more. See later.

    Time is the big enemy for traveling. Sometimes it's a shame to have to go home or see the next place.

    Slovenia and Croatia are beautiful. On the islands, Croatia has gone expensive, especially the popular ones like Rab. Away from the touristy places it's a lot better.

    Slovenia is Absolutely allow plenty of time there to see the coastal resorts of Piran Isola and Portoroz, which are easy from the caves. There's a bus straight down to Piran or take the train.

    Then as you plan, the sweet little capital Ljubjiana, and the mountains and lakes.

    Lots of lovely places to visit and Slovenia is very scenic everywhere, friendly and safe, and it's an ideal place to visit for just being alive and knowing it.

    That's a week gone. Soon goes.......or five days of not so relaxed.

    From Portoroz you can walk to the Croatian border. There is a lovely coast road and good public transport.

    Weatherwise....awkward to predict but in summer the more northerly cities you suggest will be very warm. It might be more enjoyable if you see Slovenia first if you're going in late summer, but either way it's still good.

    Whizzair sometimes do cheap flights to Slovenia but a nice route is to fly to Trieste or Venice and just get the train round the's a lovely run round the Bay of Venice with a good regular train service.

    Trieste is a popular day trip from Slovenia and it's really is well worth seeing.....

    Stand in the main square ..Piazza dell Unite d'Italia ...and mind boggle at it. Incredible!!

    Photos just don't do it justice......a must see if you're anywhere close.

    No plan is perfect for everything......when you go isn't always a totally free choice so enjoy what there is when you go. Sun or rain. hot or cold, no city is the same city two days running.

    Confucius he say...No-one step into same river twice.

    On the top answer here are links for Slovene railways and more and see the others for how lovely Slovenia is.

    See ike besi about the Karstic (caves etc) region and then to Piran and Portoroz.

    The bus to the coast is terrific. Much better scenery than the rail although the rail route is still gorgeous enough. . .. . . . . .

    The other destinations are OK-ish if you fly to Berlin but personally I'd call that another trip. You need a long time there to appreciate how much there is, and the extra time will give you another day in Budapest which is crammed with things to see and do and you've only allowed a small amount of time for, and you'll get some more time in Slovenia and Croatia which are very much worth it.

    Beautiful Budapest....;_ylt=Am... . . . .. .;_ylt=As... . . . . . .

    You've done a lot better than some with the planning. A bit more trimming though will make better use of your three weeks without feeling the rush.

    Maybe have a trip to Berlin sometime on a cheap flight with Air Berlin, Easyjet etc.

    It's beautiful just walking around the huge parks and the big wide streets and taking in the whole Berlin atmosphere.

    They are very lucky people who can truthfully say "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

    Costs are on here, plus hostels etc. on the second with a great answer from Willeke, chatty one from me.

    £50 a day each plus major travel costs.. Squeeze it on £40 but it won't be so much fun. . . . .;_ylt=Al... . . . .

    Life in hostel dorms...oh joy of joys, a quiet one.....oh,,,,it was.....

    Most nights you're OK in hostels. Only some get a bit noisy.......Worth staying in and you meet great people from all over the world.

    Recommended even if no private rooms are available. . . . . . .

    Couchsurfing...nice way to make friends. . . . . .

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  • 9 years ago

    Your trip sounds great having visited these places the amount of days are about right except for Berlin I wouldt give it two maybe three days.Then on the Croatia part coming from Ljubljana there is a once daily train service to Pula .Remember that a pass to Slovenia is good for Croatia as well when it comes to trains.Spend a couple of days in Istrian Peninsula of Croatia visit Pula,Rovinj & Porec .Take ferry to Dubrovnik which could be seen in a whole day.These places take Euro for cash so don't stock up on Hungarian Forint or Polish Zloty.My guess will be Prague to be the highlight of your trip yet expect big crowds higher prices for hostels or hotels in all these places.You can join the International Hospitality Club as well which is a major couchsurfin site yet they check you out before becoming a member which is not bad yet it'll take about 7-10 days for profile to be posted.

    Source(s): Personal travels of 116 countries.
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  • 4 years ago

    Prague To Krakow Night Train

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  • pmt853
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    9 years ago

    That looks just about manageable, but you may need more money if you're going to include any flights in your £800. You may want to plan for a couple of long overnight rail trips so you can sleep on the train. Good idea to try Slovenia, it's a beautiful little country, Lake Bohinj is particularly nice. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • Orla C
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    9 years ago

    I think you should cut that down by a third, and spend a bit longer in some places. You can always come back!

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  • 9 years ago

    Yea that should be doable.

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