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What do i do if i cought my boyfriend texting a girl he works with?

okay i am only 16 and i already move in with my men. it hasnt even been a month yet an i read on his phone he was texting this girl from work asking her what size of bra she was and wen could they hangout... i didnt get to finish the conversetion! i was upset and this morning wen he droped me of at school he wanted to hug me and i told him not to touch me.. and im so pissed and sad i cant find words to talk to him.... ANY HELP PLZ!!!

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    What on God's green Earth are you doing living with this kid at 16 anyway??? You are way too young! He's more than likely and immature little boy himself and he's doing what most, not all, immature little boys do. You are both too young to be in a serious relationship. You need to just end it now and go back home! Call him out and then get out. More than likely, once he knows you were reading his text, then he's going to try to flip the switch and say you should trust him and why are you in his business, but plain and simple you live with him and if he didn't have anything to hide, he wouldn't care! GET OUT!

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    The word is *caught :)

    and well just scare him and say.. i read your texts, why were you asking a girl what bra size she was? and let him know your better than him, and just leave him if hes gonna be like that, us girls are worth so much more :)

    hes obviously the type to get bored so hes really not worth it...

    and why have you moved in with him already!!! That makes u sound a bit slaggy :/ sorry but it does :/

    take my advice.. im a reasonable teen too.

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  • morgan
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    9 years ago

    I would say move back home with Mom & Dad. You need to live your life before moving in with your boyfriend .I moved in with boyfriend when I was 15 got pregnant at 17. dropped out of high school.

    Now I'm 42 stuck in a dead job that I hate. I wish I had someone to tell me different when I was young.

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    I'm gonna answer your question, but not sure its the help you are looking for.

    If he is talking about bra's with another girl, chances are very good they are flirting more.

    Your 16 and move in with boyfriends? Way too young to do that. Not sure what your expecting, but think about this...the mindset of the people you move in with.. Are they mature? REALLY? And are you really that mature to be thinking you can move in with someone at 16. Big mistake in my opinion.

    I think that you are a girlfriend of someone who likes to have his cake and eat it too.

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  • cepero
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    break each and every thing he gave you and something that reminds you of him, do no longer lay around thinking approximately him, quite no unhappy song or crying is authorized, do some thing severe-high quality for your self like get your nails carried out, or restoration your hair in any different case. make acquaintances with different adult adult males and flirt flirt flirt, it is likewise the time you'll want your girlfriends the main to take your strategies off of him. earlier you already realize it you would be over him, it is going to take it slow yet I even have been there. better of luck candy Face XOXOX Christi ;)

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    First you might be doing too much too soon. Why are you moving in with them too fast? Why aren't you taking things slow? Usually guys don't get committed to their girlfriends until a long time after dating. It's too soon to be upset that he is still interested in other people because this is too soon for him to be completely and genuinely committed to you. He probably hasn't even developed his feelings for you yet.

    You can't expect him to be committed just because you moved in together. You might want to spend time living by yourself and developing the relationship before you spend time living with him.

  • You are way too young to be living with a man who isn't your father. He's clearly a jerk and is not going to change. Move back home.

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    if you were my daughter you wouldn't be moving in with no man at 16 , and as for him, he's playing you , u leave your phone out with a txt message to some bloke at school asking how big his lunch box is and i bet your man wouldn't be to happy , leave him.

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    9 years ago

    ask him straightly , and if he is not a good guy , try to change him.. not possible ?? move on !

    you are only 15 sister, better be with a good guy or leave alone.

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    You should move out... he doesn't respect you if he is talking to other girls like that.

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