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Should I get rid of my dog? I need opinions.?

I have a Cacapoo(sp?) Part cocker spaniel part poodle who is about 10 years old. The past year or two he's been peeing everywhere around the house so now I have about 4 baby gates. He rips open the garbadge when we forget to lock it up, he gets vicious around the other pets if they go near him, whenever he gets the chance he runs into the neighbors yard or into the street, and he is just overall a bad dog.

I also have a golden retriever who is very well mannered and doesn't do any of these things so please don't say it's because we are bad owners.

The peeing is getting ridiculous and I've tried everything I could think of.

I sometime consider giving him up but I don't want to feel guilty about it. I am trapped in my own house by this dog and have run out of ideas.

Any suggestions?

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    Does he pee where he is supposed to pee too? That could be a medical issue where he just can't hold his bladder.

    As far as getting rid of him... I know that sometimes animals can be really crappy, I have two cats that have ruined so much of my food and get in the trash and think about giving them up, but animal shelters are always packed. And i feel as though once you take in an animal it's your responsibility. I would talk to your vet and see if they can run a few tests as far as the peeing thing. ... You could always get dog diapers!

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    Poodles are very hard to train they are a hard breed, cocker spaniels are usually the same.. I had a poodle he did all the same things to my house till 3 years later i couldnt take it my house smelled so bad n my cats smelled it n started doin the same.. They thought it was good, cause the dog did it.. i tried training him n got a trainer.. nothing worked so i had to take him to the human society, but luckily he got a home in less then 30 min.. If i were you i would try to train him first to see if anything changes.. Good Luck

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    maybe put it in the RSPCA? And then someone who will be able to train the dog,will buy your dog and be happy with him

    Think about it,you could make yourself happy with your gold retriever and someone else...

    Or maybe train it,it takes time though but you can watch youtue for tips and things

    OR if you cant cause he's so hard to train

    Rent a dog trainer?

    OR maye go to the vet? the peeing issue might be sum health problem

    there are many possibilites

    Hope I helped xx

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    You promised him/her a good life when you got him. Definitely dont give him to the pound because of his old age. If he is peeing in the house he might have an infection or bladder problem take him to the vet. If you are not capable of taking care of him give him/her to a family member or a person you know will take proper care of him. Every animal derserves a home. Honesly I have more sympathy for the dog then you. You should have known what you were getting into when you first got the dog.

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    Do not get rid of your dog. Try to train him, be persistent with him, it takes time. There are programs such as "Its me or the dog" that deal with problems like this, watch some on youtube and get some tips. When leavinbg the dog at home give him plenty of chew toys nd raw hide bones to kep him busy. Take him outside to go to the toilet every hour if you have to. Treat him as a puppy, train him how you did your other dog. If not, and you do get rid of him, he could be deemed un adoptable and killed. This dog must love you, and is loyal to you, so be loya to him and keep him. Dont give up on him now, you can do this!

    Also, show him its good to be with other dogs, give him chicken even if you are freally far away from one. It will show him that he will be rewarded for being around another dog.


    Good luck!

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    I would take him to the vet to rule out any health issues, he could have a urinary tract infection causing him to urinate more frequently and if he is 10 he could have arthritis. The chronic pain could be whats making him grumpy. If you can afford it I would ask the vet about doing bloodwork and sending out a urine sample in addition to doing radiographs to check for arthritis.

    Please don't take your old dog to a shelter, in my opinion its more humane to euthanize him. I work in a shelter and the worst thing to see is old dogs that spent their entire lives with a family and when they got too hard to take care of they were given up. Also, if he has aggression issues he'll get euthanized at the shelter anyway.

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    First of all you should take him to the vet. This is to rule out any physcial / health problems. He may have a bad urinary trac infection (UTI).

    This may be dominant behavior. Are there more male dogs? He could be marking. seems he might be thinking he is the pack leader...if this is so, then you need to re-establish the leader role.

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    At 10 years of age, your problem might solve itself in a matter of time but I would recommend crating him for now and putting him out on a run (if you can) when he isn't in the crate. Training him might be difficult but you'll need to concentrate on his incontinence first by directing his access to only outside and controlling him without using baby gates but using a crate.

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    We had a problem like this with our Cocker spaniel. For us it was so bad NO ONE would come near us, no one ever wanted to come and visit us. My mom was at the end of her rope. She loved him so much and so did everyone else, but she didnt want him to suffer(he was suffering) any longer. So she eventually decided to put him to sleep as hard as it was. She said she was pregnant with me and she had to to keep me healthy. So as hard as it maybe you might have to put him to sleep, if it gets that bad. Unless you want totry to work with him.



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    This behavior seems to be a recent development. Your dog is unhappy about something. What has changed? Can you change it back? can you spend some real quality time with him?

    Let him see he is still special to you nd you love him as much as you always dida.

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