What should be done with really old ammunition?

Many years ago, I inherited a rifle and a handgun from my grandfather. I have little opportunity to use them and cleaned them and put them away. I found the ammunition for both. It is quite old. Is it dangerous? How can I dispose of it safely?

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    10 years ago
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    It's only dangerous if it put in a firearm, pointed in a unsafe direction and fired.

    As long as it was stored in a relatively cool and dry area chances are it is still usable. I found some ammunition in my great grandfather's basement. I shook it to see if the powder was good, checked the projectile, and visually inspected the primer. That 50+ year old ammo worked great. So hang onto to it. It might still be usable, It would look good next to the gun, and something more to remember grandpa by.

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    No, its not dangerous-but it is ammo.

    If you don't want to shoot it, and its too much to just throw in the trash....then the safest thing to do is to dig a hole and bury it. If you know what caliber it is...you may just ask around-others may want it.

  • 10 years ago

    Contact your local police and tell them you have old ammunition that needs to be destroyed. They are equipped to either destroy it or can contact a local agency that is.

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