All transsexuals are just gay people?

Ok I relly hope you will answer this. =)

So I think that all transsexual people are just gay. Why?

Because from my whole life experience I have understood that being feminine and masculine has nothing to do with being male or female.

This is true:

I am a 19 year-old straight guy, and I like sexy - feminine clothes, I have a fancy hairstyle, I pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs and what not, paint my nails, use makeup. So I basically do everything that a female does right? I also do sports, and have an athletic body. In conversations I understand feminine girls easily but also get along just fine with guys.

Basically I am kinda a two-sided person. But you wouldn't be able to tell my face from a woman or a transsexual for that matter, because what I like is feminine beauty.

Then again I'm straight, not even a bi. I tested myself and I get sexually turned on by female genitals and breasts ONLY. I like athletic/muscular girls with a feminine face too.

So basically there would pretty much be no difference between me and my girlfriend other than our genitalia, the inborn difference. We can both be masculine and feminine.

AND HERE COMES THE QUESTION! =D Sorry to keep you reading so much, but anyway:

Why would a transsexual want to have an opposite sex genitalia/and/or/breasts?

Genitalia - basically the only thing that makes one a male or a female, EVERYTHING else you can do regardless of gender.

And the only answer I have is because you like the same sex. So basically you are a feminine gay man or a masculine gay woman that is trying to disguise yourself as an opposite sex?

And by same sex I mean genitals exclusively, because that's what makes a sex... It's pretty strange huh? =)

So what is going to be your answer? Why wouldn't for example a transsexual that was born a man just be a feminine man and find himself a masculine woman to date? Unless his homosexual. =)


To the first answer: Don't want to offend but isn't that shallow? I mean if you were born a man for example, you would go through all of hell just to not feel your penis anymore and get your breasts bigger? If it has nothing to do with what you do...

Update 2:

I mean if I was born a girl and not a guy, I wouldn't care much. My life probably wouldn't even be that different, I would still be the same person, the difference would be that I would probably have sex with men then.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You know very little on the subject of Transsexualism don't you sunshine, It's like feeling you were born in the wrong body. That you are not what you are, it has nothing to do with what you do and don't do.

    It's not about Gender Roles or Feminine or Masculinity, It's about what gender you are in your mind. Hell I know Transsexuals who went MTF and they are more butch then most men or FTM and their more feminine then most woman.

    What you have proven though is that you can be feminine and still be completely straight, Which I thank you for that.

    Remove Gender Roles They Do Nothing but get people harassed.

    Noted: Your not getting what I mean, Some Transsexuals describe it as feeling like a man trapped in a woman's body or the other way around because that's what it's like. To feel like you weren't born in the right body.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    So if I'm just a feminine gay guy why do I like girls so much? I don't know why I like having boobs. They just feel like they should be there. They feel right. Unlike my genitals. That junk just feels alien it always has. The thought of using it like a man does just scares me. I think I even have like a phantom vagina thing going on I never feel like I should have a penis.

    Then there's testosterone. That poison only drove me crazy. It made me feel like I was possessed by a demon or something. There are a million reasons my female brain can't stand being in a male body. Everything is wrong. You sound genderqueer so you're comfortable being whatever you feel like at the moment. I'm just female. It's easy for you to say all that stuff because you don't know what it feels like. You don't know how bad it hurts. When I was trying to be a guy all I wanted was death. Now as myself all I want is love.

    What you are saying is like criticizing someone for getting cancer treatment. "Oh it's just a bit of cancer why bother wasting your time and effort getting rid of it when you could just get used to it?"

  • 10 years ago

    Okay, this is a lot of the reason transsexuals get crap. People don't understand the body dysphoria part. Their hypothalamus formed in such a way that it constantly sends them chemical signals that what they see their body to be is incorrect. It's a very neurological thing. I know it's hard for you to understand, but just give it the benefit of the doubt. You've heard of how people can feel a phantom limb after it is amputated?-- it's the exact same neurological mismatch that is happening, only transsexuals feel their bodies to be the opposite sex.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I'm not sure why you think it's wrong. Imagine that a man marries a woman without knowing that she is transsexual. Obviously that couldn't make him gay, because he is unaware of her sex change. Likewise, he wouldn't be gay if he did know she was a transwoman. So, the answer is... dating a transsexual of the opposite sex is not gay.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i wouldn't exactly say you were transsexual. you just don't conform to more traditional gender roles, so unless you're completely uncomfortable with your genitalia you're something besides transsexual, maybe you're androgynous, or genderqueer.

    you really sound quite a bit like me superficially, but i'm agender. i have no mental gender at all and do prefer to look androgynous, not because it goes with my mental gender but just because i like what i like. i have a decently androgynous personality as well.

    i'm also pansexual, since i have no gender preference and gender means nothing to me in general.

    buuutt, Some agender people want to be/are neutrois, and prefer to have no genitalia at all.

    i'm not. i don't give a crap what sex i was born with either, and would be just as fine being a girl or even neutrois; i simply don't care. so just because i don't care that my physical sex match my mental gender, that doesn't mean i Have a mental gender.

    and since i'm pansexual, the sexual identity equivalent to that would be pangendered, but i'm totally not. i cannot truly empathize with Any gender, and couldn't give a damn about my physical sex.

    soooo, sexual preference totally doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your gender identity. just because they do tend to come in certain packages honestly doesn't mean they always do, or that they can't be totally independent from each other.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Listen man...

    It has very little to do with sexuality, or even sexual organs (genitalia).

    I'm a trans girl, and I like other girls. I find them very attractive.

    And even though I'd like a vagina, it won't define who I am.

    It just has to do with how you feel up top, in your head. It's a real, neurological thing, like someone else here said. I am a girl on the inside, so I need to be a girl on the outside, so that people can see me as I REALLY AM. I would like to order a coffee and have the server recognize me as a woman, not because it satisfies some sexual desire (ew), but because I am a woman up top (or in my heart if that's what you believe), and therefore deserve to be treated like one. It's that simple.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I see you confuse sex, gender identity, gender role, and orientation. Sex is the body, gender identity is your inner being you were born with (and brain neurology, talents, abilities, interests, etc), gender role is what you choose to wear and how you choose to act, and orientation is who you take to bed, if anyone. Or put another way, sex is the plumbing, gender identity is the wiring, gender role is the paint/trim, and orientation is the heat. Transsexual women are not gay men who attempt to become women, but normal women born with the wrong parts and seeking to correct that.

    You also confuse transsexualism and transgenderism. Trans means to cross, and sexual refers to the body. So by definition, TS persons obtain the other bodies. So when the definition of TS means to cross the body from one to the other, it is pointless to ask why TSs do that, when by definition, that is what they do. That is like asking why a dog barks, why a cat meows, and why an alcoholic drinks. Transsexuals believe they were in the wrong bodies of only 2 possible choices, whereas this is irrelevant to transgender persons (TGs). Most TGs only cross over their gender expression/role without crossing over their bodies. Most of what you describe (except for breasts and surgery) applies to TGs more than TSs.

    It is possible that some TGs are gay men, and they may dress up as women to attract men, or to loophole around homophobia in themselves. And there are straight male TGs who pass as women for reasons related to fetish, sexism, or objectifying women. That is why I believe Michael Bailey's theories might have some value when applied to TGs rather than TSs as he applied them.

    A transsexual woman grows breasts and gets surgery because her brain and soul were born of one sex, and the body the other. If she were a gay man, and not a woman with a birth defect, then she would not need the breasts or surgery to be happy. Many transsexuals don't even have sex, and quite a few are gay (ie., lesbian if MtF TS) after surgery. So there has to be more to this than genitals and having sex.

    Transsexual women are born with the brains, beings, and natures of women and therefore cannot be gay men. Nobody is "born a man." First you would be a boy, and besides that, man and woman are social roles unrelated to being male or female. So if you are not born a man, then can you even be born gay? Keep in mind that TS women after surgery and all, when they date men, it is nearly always straight men. They don't want gay men nor anyone who likes the fact they used to have male parts. So look at TSism as a birth defect that robs women (in this case, there are TS men too) of their correct body and parts, not as men of any sort becoming or attempting to become women. It is just a matter of making the outside fit who you already are, not becoming someone else.

  • 10 years ago

    You really, really do not understand what you're talking about. Go take a gender-studies class at a college somewhere.

    Some transgender people are straight, some are gay or lesbian. Who they are attracted to is NOT the same as how they see themselves. A person in a male body can be a trans-woman who is attracted to other women.

    Your perceptions and opinions are perfectly valid -- FOR YOU -- but you are not transgender and--from what I understand, and it's an imperfect understanding -- being trans is not what you think it is.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    dude, that's pretty much bull. no offence either. i'm female who's stereotypically masculine who is very much gay, absolutely no attraction to the male genitalia... and i damn well know i'm female. meaning, i FEEL like a woman, like, i KNOW i'm a woman and i know that i ain't meant to be the sex i wasn't "assigned".

    i mean, the way you put it, let's be honest. a straight person can "act" like the opposite sex and still be very straight, but if a gay person "acts" like the opposite sex, then he's trans?

    maybe you've never heard of a homosexual trans. have you? like for example, a woman who was born with male genitals and transitioned and IS gay, like this woman (transitioned) is only attracted to women....

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes,I would say they are but as for you,if your straight but like feminem cloths,some girls'll find that attractive...have you ever seen the movies when girls'll go "he has a nice butt,ect." alot of girls like when men where lady launshuray(not sure if I spelled that correctly) and then there are some that like the hard-thug type that don't. And what yyur doing as far as shaving is Just being groomy to me (except of the eyeborws)

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