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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 9 years ago

why is my dad purposely so annoying?

My dad has qualities that many people cant stand. He's super negative about everything in this world. When we're wathcing the news, he'll laugh at someones tradgedy and call them stupid or whatever. He puts people down in public including my mom and siblings to show off to other random people. I cant go out with him any more because of this. He's a total hypocrite about everything. He calls everyone fat including my siblings even though hes overweight himself. We've had talks with him about all of this over and over again and all he does is laugh about it like its a joke and he'll say this doesnt bother you does it, like in a condescending way. Then we'll say it does and he just laugh some more. Another characteristic thats super annoying is he's racist. He makes fun of every ethnicity and it gets embarassing when he goes off on his usual rants. He shows off alot too. He constantly talks about all the "girlfriends" he's had in the past. He never thinks when he's talking. He told my sisters brother in law that he cheated on my mom and it came back full circle. The thing that sucks is that my mom puts up with him because she doesnt know what else to do. She doesnt know where to go because shes an immigrant. He talks about himself in the third person like he's G-d or something. I cant stand when he makes fun of my mom, sisters, and brothers behind their back to me. If he does that with me imagine what he talks about when I'm not around. I know everyone has weaknesses and I acknowledge i do too but thats the thing i acknowledge it and make an effort to change. He just laughs it off like its a joke and that irritates me to no end. One time i was talking with my sister and he comes in and comments about how fat she is right to her face. I felt like punching him in the face right on the spot because i've given him talks all the time in the past about embarassing people in public. He wakes up in the morning and orders my mom to make him breakfast cause he's the "king." He seriously says that. He's of the old school where men are kings so to speak and their wife are servants. It's disgusting. I cant stand him because of all of these things. I want to have a good relationship with him but he makes it so hard with his consistenly ignorant actions. He was with my other sister in public and tells a group of women you should have seen her before she was married insinuating that shes really fat. My sister is very sensitive and he still said this. This happened even though we gave him a talk before she came to visit us to be on his best behavior. After all of these things happen and we get angry at him for insulting us, he'll quote the bible and say honor thy father. The fact that he does all this purposely (because he has said that pissing people off is just his personality) because we've told him it pisses us off and he still does it, that's what i have a huge problem with. I've given him the silent treatment for weeks on end so he'll realize this is not acceptable behavior but he still doesnt care. I'm at my wits end of what to do. How would you guys handle a situation like this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think he is just jealous about other people. He just doing that to make himself better. He probably used to be picked on in school when he was a kid. I se a lot of people who got picked on pick on others. He might've have troubled past. The BEST thing to do is to tell him "How would you feel if somebody else say mean things to you or pick on you". I know that would've stop a lot of people from doing that. Some peiople have no feeling toward others. If any of these ideas don't work, then he just might habe mental illness. It's very important for mental illness people to seek help befor eit's too late. If you are over 18, move out. It's best to move in with your realatives.

    I hope he's not on drugs or drinking! If so, then that's the reason for him to act like that. drugs and alcohol can mess up a person brain.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Not good not everyone likes that character

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