How do you get high killstreaks on call of duty?

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  • David answered 3 years ago
This is a short question but I would put it like this.

It is all about using guerrilla tactics. I would not encourage you to camp because if you do, the people on the other team will catch on. The other day I went 162-46 on nuketown with Spy Plane, Chopper Gunner, and Dogs. The Galil did magic for me, it hardly has any recoil!

Use the Galil with these perks and you will start to play better

Perk 1- Hardline Pro
Perk 2- Warlord Pro
Perk 3- Hacker Pro

For your attachments use extended mag and a supressor, with a claymore as your special equipment.
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  • the_coon answered 3 years ago
    luck + fast reactions
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  • Bama Boy answered 3 years ago
    Just be a noob and camp with a nooby gun such as a shotgun
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  • Orion V7 answered 3 years ago
    Depends on your skill level, I would say the best way to get high killstreaks is to take your time and be aware of your surroundings. Always to be 1 step ahead of your enemy, use the cover available to you and don't be afraid to retreat in a gun fight.
    I wouldn't camp in a corner because someone will eventually come back for you.

    Another good way is to play an objective gametype like Demolition or Domination and defend one the objectives, this way your helping your team-mates and building your killstreaks.
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  • Annoying Sandwich answered 3 years ago
    do what everyone else does.

    1. use a gun with unbelievably high damage and accuracy, e.g FAMAS
    2. use the perks Scavenger Stopping power (Hardened if playing Fack ops) and ninja. (Scavenger is important because you get tons of ammo so you can camp there for longer)
    3. find a spot where people dont usually go that has a vantage point and camp there the ENTIRE GAME
    4. use a tactical insertion so if someone kills you you will spawn back
    5. camp there using very little skill and stack your killstreaks
    6. if your n00by enough you will have gotten your precious nuke by now
    7. use your 11 kill gunner killstreak to make all the 10 year old kids cry
    8. use your nuke which you camped for using very little skill for and wail on the people that play the game properly
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  • Treston I answered 3 years ago
    watch machinima videos on youtube.
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  • Orlando Bloom answered 3 years ago
    use this class,
    famas or aug-with extended mags
    any secondary they are all useless.
    hardline pro-1 less kill to your killstreak
    slight of hand pro-faster reloading
    hacker pro- see enemy claymores
    Now play Demolition, go to the enemy spawn points and camp, but don't say in one spot the other team will start to come after you.
    oh and lure the enemy near you by "ringing the dinner bell"... shoot(it will show up on the enemy radar) now hide and wait for the dumb asses to come to you.

    now if this does not help, buy a different game.(like crysis2, killzone3,homefront.)


    im savin' the world, 1 game at a time
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  • kukushi9 answered 3 years ago
    BE campy, lock down an area or move around the out side of the map, staying away from the really high traffic and out of the enemies spawn. Use your killstreaks to get killstreaks
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  • Kayla answered 3 years ago
    It takes a lot of practice. If you're new to the game, I doubt you'll get a high kill streak. You need a good gun, stealth, and skill.
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  • Alexander Koziol answered 3 years ago
    Hide in corners, jump out with knife.
    Hide near window of tall building, sticking out into the window just enough to snipe people.
    Hide in hard-to-reach-places.
    Run around with heavy machine-gun (minigun)
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  • Dustin Morningstar answered 3 years ago
    luck and fast reactions for sure. otherwise put on hardline
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  • Caboose answered 3 years ago
    Use a better gun. aaaaaand get better at the game
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  • Megalicious answered 3 years ago
    You kill a lot of bad guys in a row.
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  • TZA answered 3 years ago
    Camp or be stealthy
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  • Chris answered 3 years ago
    By killing lots of people
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  • Black Jack answered 3 years ago
    thats actually the stupidest question i have ever seen...

    But whatever) so to get a killstreak you need to have good reaction, and kill a lot of people... or you also can camping with the sniper rifle)
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