How much for a 15 day Eurotrip?

Were covering; Paris, Rome, Pisa, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Amsterdam then home (UK) . Were getting a 15 day InterRail and staying at hostels but how much is the bare minimum we need roughly to have a good time and get by?


Sorry i didnt put across my question very well, i meant how much as in money wise, total cost of the trip.

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    10 years ago
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    The breadline....just above soup kitchen queues, only just...for a hostel bed and just enough to eat for a day without scavenging, excluding rail or bus fares, theatres or any kind of luxury ....bare subsistence £35 a day each but in Paris Vienna and Berlin add more.

    When you get that low you can just about live if you manage to get a bed for £ that's the base to never fall below......

    Without the major travel costs, just the hostel and daily living, food, local town buses and entry to attractions......

    On £40 a day each you can live OK, cooking your evening meal in the hostel to save money for other things to enjoy through the day.

    £50 a day each you can be feel more comfortable about a night every few days at a theatre or concert hall eating at a good restaurant, etc. and generally feel you're having a good enough time without being too extravagant.

    15 x £50 = £750 each for the trip for a just about decent level of living. ..not luxury, still cooking your own half the time instead of eating out but seeing enough and getting local trips and into a Berlin nightclub for a few hours ...gotta see one of those.....educashun innit?

    £1000 each for the 15 days you can laugh and be happy....enjoy the worries.

    IF you only have two coffees and no slices of oooohhh,yummy ahhhh gotta have that Wow gimme more in Vienna or you'll totally ruin the's nice in Vienna but boy it's pricey.

    Onto that you'll need the cost of all those train fares.

    Plus....presents for the folks at home....that's extra.

    You decide that level to add on top of the holiday cost depending on the state of things in the old banky.....oh,well, sell a couple of gold bars this week.

    Don't we all.......dream.

    There's only one problem with all that deep financial've got no chance of spending that lot in the big cities because you won't be outside the trains long enough.

    You could spend it on meals in the trains though....easily

    9 cities in 15 days?

    All the way down to Rome and Pisa with a stop in Paris ? Back up north to Berlin, round to Prague and Amsterdam, nip over to Belgium and get the Eurostar home I suppose eh?

    When are you going to see anything?

    You'll be rushed around that lot if you were flying it everywhere.....

    ..crumbling brickyards, you'll be goofed out, completely goofed.......

    You've got a nice 1-month trip planned out there...and a better six week trip.

    Err, this must be ..what's next on that list....oh, that's it....Knew it was somewhere or other.

    Oh...hang on. ..just a minute....I've got it all wrong. Sorrreeee.

    Seeing cities isn't the idea......oohhh, should've thought.....

    You like trains so you're going for train rides all over Europe.....hahaha, oh well.

    Enjoy the trains. I like trains too.

    Thing is, I like cities and mountains even most of the trip isn't inside a train.

    It's outside the trains, seeing things in town , walking around, actually being there....

    Have a good time.....if you remember what day it is........oh, Berlin.

    Stay off the's a head breaker,haha

    oooh me ed....oohhhhh.........gimme air....ooohhh.

    On here see from number 6 and read 8 for cooking etc, see the two links for accommodation stuff and languages.....;_ylt=Ap... . .. .

    Source(s): 20+ trips to Europe. Lived over there ten years too......traveled plenty., not plenty enough Bit at a time....enjoying it....
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  • 10 years ago

    If you're paying for everything, i would say to have a good time, anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 U.S. Dollars. That's for food, cost of staying in hostels, and some spending money.

    Have fun!

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  • 10 years ago

    Up to 5000 US dollars. But it depends where you book it from, wich hotels you're staying at where you'll eat... etc.

    But it should be roughly up to 5000$ I wouldn't think it would be more, it could be though.

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