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How can i build up my self confidence and self esteem?

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    if you can make someone laugh your smart enough to make them laugh

    we are not all perfect-your not a fail your just trying your best and thats it to it and thats from someone who got an A* - sorry forgive me i hope i didnt make you feel bad i was just trying to get my point across

    it's normal to have one or more friends a human being cant be socially isolated its no built inside us

    although in order to feel happy you need to appreciate lonelines and appriciate relationships that will boost your self esteem

    you dont need to flaunt your life out like anybody else and feel flirty just being kind and friendly should do it

    you want happiness/confidence read THE PRESENT highly recoomended from my therapist

    no one is a failure people who are rude and intimidate others and reach for perfection and A* in every subject will fail b/c theyr'e probably trying to figure out whats wrong and being a people pleaser so they will sad

    looks only go so far before your personality steps in rember that when you want to start dating

    celebrate little tings

    fake it till you make it


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    -Take interest in something that you love to do and improve your talent.

    -If you have work or studies make sure you are doing them to your full ability for work satisfaction or to gain good qualifications this in itself will give you more confidence and feel better in your self.

    - Remember that there is no reason not to be confident and you have the ability to be confident.

    - Write down the things that are good in your life and the things that are good about you concentrate on these and not the negatives.

    Source(s): I am very shy and am slowly improving my confidence and self esteem
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    Read up some self help books, magazines for pointers on dressing, make-up up tips etc. Knowledge is power! Always try to think positive too.

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    Think about your responsibilities and the talents you have and do the best you can with them,it gives u a sense of purpose.do the things you love,meet a need,try putting a smile on somebody else's face it really uplifts you.hope this helped somehow...

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    Hi dear

    I fully understand your situatation as I did experience low self esteem as well and now I am well over it and I am coaching friends in that regard. Low self confidence or esteem is an offspring of low self image or worry that people might not find you attractive, I did come to that conclusion from my own experience and dealing with worry situation effectively therefore my self confidence rise as a result.

    What come to your mind everytime that you think about yourself? or ask yourself what do you fear about people preception about you? most of time we fear that we could not find a love? we fear what people will say or think about us or fear other people judgment our physical appearance etc.

    one thing that I have learn it is nobody think that they are beautiful enough that why many people put lot of make up and thing like just to convince themselves that they look good. And I also did realise that whatever I think that I am not good looking then I have couple people that were really made with me. We all have different perception of what is beautiful.

    You know the things that you find it as a flaw is that is the one that others people the most attractive about yourself so you never know.

    The thing is the beauty start from inside not from outside.

    I was obsess about my look, I did not like my nose, my mouth, eyes, my body shape almost everything about me. But know I love everything about me because that what make me different from everybody else and also that what my experience joyful and unique.

    My friends are well surprise that guy like has a very beautiful fiance that we are now planing to get maried, I am not that handsome but I have a fiance that can fit in any A list move. I have done because I have believe on my own beauty and that what I am going to teach now.

    How I did that? I use a weird but simple technique that work to perfection. The technique is opposite of what we natural do. We are talking being, we talk every second either with people or with ourselves without stopping trust me on that. Our brain process what we say about ourselves or others say about us. And most of time we talk negatively about ourselves So I decide to talk to myself but in a positive way.

    So set two time on the day that you can use to talk to you, one early morning as soon that you wake and just before you go to bed, do it for a minimum of a 30 days.

    Here is powerful technique that you can use straight away for solving low self esteem fast and boost your self image that I have called lifebluepring:

    Blueprint 1:

    Morning stand before the same mirror and look straight to your eyes with confidence, don't chuckle and say I am beautiful, I look great, I feel wonderful, I am loved. When you will start you will try to look away but bring the focus back to dominate the person on the mirror.

    Blueprint 2:

    Evening: repeat the same process before you go to bed and have that image and focus on that image of you very beautiful and attractive and full of confidence.

    You will feel weird from the beginning but after couple of days you will start feeling confortable with that and a feeling joy and greatness will emerge from your soul.

    I gaurantee you that technique work wonder I can bet my life on it.

    If you live in the England I will be holding seminar that will teach people how to stop worry and building self confidence next month I will gladly invite you for free to join the seminar as part of my programme that I am putting to help people stop worry and boost their self confidence.

    In mean time if you need help I could coach you for free to enlish your potential and achieve your goal.

    So what you have to do, it is to get in touch and we will discuss the best way for you, we can work as coach and coachee it could be skype, email, phone, face to face you choose.

    Here is my email: kolbassia@lifeblueprint.co.uk

    Good luck

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    I have low self-esteem too, but you know what makes me feel better and naturally happier? Enter a contest! Enter scholarship, singing, music, poetry, whatever type of contest you feel you have the chance of winning, and you will naturally feel a bit better about yourself for your effort and chances of winning.

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    When I had low self esteem I stopped thinking about what I did not like.

    I became a person.

    I only focused on those things that I had to do and those things that I loved.

    People think to much.

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    it may sound strange but join a good kickboxing class find one that has a good track record it will amaze you how quickly you will gain in confidence and self esteem

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    become someone that people look up to. do the right thing. it's all in making confident choices for yourself.

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    have a lot more sex

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