Some examples of internal communication?

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Example. and explanation of how good help business to succeed?
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company emails, mail boxes in every office or cube where memo's are dropped keeps all employee's up to date daily with information they need to perform at a high level
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  • Jaden answered 3 years ago
    Examples of Internal communication are:

    1. E-Mailing
    2. Notice Board
    3.Internal Instant Messaging
    4. Create stickies and send members
    5. Create to-do list and send reminder


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  • Simmo answered 3 years ago
    Internal communication is within the workplace.
    Things like.

    1. Internal emails.
    2. Memo's.
    2. Meetings.
    3. Toolbox meetings.
    4. Good verbal Communication.

    Even though most business have incompetent people working for them that don't do any of these.

    Corporate monkeys.
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