Do you think its stupid when "haters" say Triple H only won the World Title because he married Stephanie?

They got married in 2003.

He won the the Royal Rumble in 2002, more than a year before they were married. He won the 1997 KOTR, 6 YEARS before they were married. He won his first World Title at WM18, which occured in 2002, BEFORE they were married. So please, tell me, how does he marrying Stephanie have ANYTHING at all to do with him being a multiple-time World Champion and main eventing permanently?

From 1999 and onwards, he became one of top heels in the WWE. Many legends have praised Triple H for his passion for the business. Even the WWE knew that Triple H was a total package and had the "it" factor. What else? He has drawing power. He can draw money from merchandise and fans wanting to see him (as a heel, they wanted someone to beat the hell out of him because he was probably the most hated at the time). Would he still have gotten 13 total championships? Yes. Here's something I'm going to throw out, though. Triple H didn't get power because he married Stephanie, he already had power. Most veterans like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H and hell, even Edge have power backstage. It's just the fact that some won't use that power and some will. Wrestlers earn their power from the amount of time they've spent in the business or how much work they've put in. Hunter marrying Stephanie is totally irrelevant.

I would like to hear your opinion on this.


@ Gold Standard, you just got told by I'm not here (The Colony). Read his TRUE answer you dumbass!

Didn't you notice Triple H was on the rise in like 96-97 before he and Stephanie even started dating? Even if he NEVER married Steph he would have still been as big as he is today.

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    People who think Triple H is only a huge name in the WWE because he married Stephanie McMahon; Vince McMahon's daughter are either just naive or blind.. Triple H was a huge name in the WWE long before he even knew Stephanie.. people seem to forget that Triple H was key figure in the WWE before the whole "marrying the boss' daughter in Vegas storyline".. Triple H had already been World Champion a few times before that and Vince McMahon LIKED Triple H LONG BEFORE his daughter took an interest in him. If Vince McMahon didn't know Triple H was talented, and a smart guy than Triple H would have never been a star at all.. he would either have been retired by now, still jobbing because of the MSG Incident or he would have gone to WCW..

    Triple H is not stupid.. from the moment he walked in the door people could see he was talented.. he was level headed for the most part.. he would do whatever you told him to do.. he was a young guy with a lot of talent and potential.. he could work the mic and he was the guy that the fans loved to hate with a passion! He was an excellent heel.. Triple H is a true student of the business.. look who he associated himself with from the begging of his WWF career.. riding along with the "Kliq" was probably one of the worst ideas in the world but one of the best in the world too.. working with Shawn Michaels opened a lot of doors for Triple H..

    In the WWE lets face it to make it you have to be liked by McMahon.. you can impress the whole audience and every fan but if Vince isn't impressed you're not doing jack sh!t.. and what people seem to forget is Triple H was thrown into the storyline with Stephanie to get them out of the mess that surprise, surprise Vince Russo got the company into and left before he could see it crash and burn.. Vince Russo had that whole Stephanie / Test storyline but when sh!t hit the fan and someone said "where are we going with this" Stephanie had to get short term memory lost so they could buy some time.

    Then, someone comes up with the whole well who does McMahon hate the most at the moment.. well he is feuding with Triple H right now.. what if Triple H slips her a mickey and they get married in Vegas..? Sure enough Armageddon '99 Triple H vs. Vince McMahon if Triple H wins he gets a title shot if Vince wins Trips' divorces Stephanie.. that was supposed to be it but the fans -- us! we loved the plot too much and we had such a reaction to it that it only made sense to keep running with this thing..

    At the time it was a huge angle.. and it was a pretty interesting twist when Stephanie turned heel and explained why because of the abduction by The Undertaker in the previous year.. they turned a terrible situation into one of the most controversial storylines in WWE history.. and people don't even realize that the whole thing went on for years before Triple H and Stephanie McMahon even got together for real.. but realistically when you look at the facts Triple H has a "pull" in the WWE because he is what he says he is.. "that damn good" he is 13 times the World Champion because he's a good wrestler and because Vince McMahon has liked him for years..

    Like Triple H or not you have to admit he is a great wrestler and he truly loves the business.. he is a hard worker and he always gives it his 100% he is a great wrestler and he is loved by fans as a face and hated as heel.. he can pretty much do anything they ask him to do.. and when you've been in the company as long as he has you do get a lot more say then someone who has been there for two years.. Triple H made his WWE debut in 1995.. he was in the company for like eight years.. before he married Stephanie.. and have you ever noticed that the guys that complain about Triple H are guys who are nobodies and guys like Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Gerald Brisco, Roddy Piper etc. have nothing bad to say about him..

    Legends respect him and he respects the legends.. he respects the fans and fans treat him like he's the flipping anti-Christ because he is married to Vince's daughter.. Triple H has been a huge star for years and people who are honestly still b!tching about that need to grow up.. he honestly can choose who he falls in love with.. and he obviously really loves his wife or else he wouldn't be married to her still after all these years and he wouldn't have three kids with her either.. people can say what they want about Triple H but he was destined for great things even before he was ever involved in the "married the boss' daughter angle"..

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    I personally think it is now that I look at Triple H's career. Triple H has the mic skills and the charisma to be a twenty time world champion. I mean sure he's no wizard in the ring, but he had some classic matches during his career and during his prime. Not to mention Triple H was one of the best heels of all time during his prime. He was in the talks with Roddy Piper, The Iron Shiek, Dusty Rhodes and many others. He played the heel role very well and that is one of the reasons why Triple H became world champion.

    If you look at it, Triple H had the talent to be world champion. So, even if he is married to Stephanie McMahon, I would have put a World Heavy Weight Title on him at least once a year. Not to mention he is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time and he sells merchandise. I mean sure some of his title reigns may have been influenced by him being married to the boss daughter. But he had the talent to be world champion so I see it as being no problem.

  • Gold Standard you are an idiot plain and simple. If you don't think HHH was an important piece to WWF before he started doing the nasty with Steph, you don't know what you are talking about. Vince loved HHH, hell the year Stone Cold won the KOTR in 96 it was originally supposed to be won by HHH. But then the MSG incident happened, when HBK and HHH broke Kayfabe during a live show(a big offense back then) to give Scott Hall and Nash a good sendoff as they were going to WCW. But since Vince couldn't punish HBK back then as he was the top guy in the company, he punished HHH and held off his push. So instead we got HHH being the number 2 in DX till shawn left, then HHH took over DX, and yeah he was really only the IC champion with DX but it was still the biggest stable in the company, at a time when the WWF was overloaded with stables. Also HHH was just under Stone Cold, and on the same level of Rock at that time. HHH was already one of WWF's top guys by 99 don't kid yourself. His world titles are well deserved, he can find a way to make most anything entertaining, even the fake rape of a fake corpse(yeah it was horrible, but it was horribly entertaining)

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  • When Did Triple H's Main Event Title Push start? Year 1999, When he began dating Stephanie Mcmahon.. and dump the wrestler name chyna..I am tired when wrestling fans pretend dating a Bosses Daughter means nothing...

    WAKE UP!!! Who cares They got Married in 2003

    2003 is the Year, Stephanie decided he was the man of her dreams, and Soul mate for years to come.. but they started dating each other around the year 1999-2000.. it's one of the reasons why the female wrestler name Chyna hated Stephanie Mcmahon..

    I Dare You to say, Triple H would have won 13 World Titles..if he never dated Stephanie Mcmahon to get ahead, in the wrestling business.everything you said happen after Triple H and Stephanie became a Item for each other..

    Before they could get married,, Triple H, also had to win over her parents trust and Approval.. Guess what? I Win this debate, next time try doing a little bit research Son, before I make you sound dumb on Internet..I don't remember Triple H having the it factor in 1999.. that was The Rock, who had the drawing power, to make WWE more popular even after, Stobe Cold Steve Austin want down..

    Triple H was a Mid-Carder until he started dating, the Bosses daughter.. and How many Championships did Triple H win, before he married Stephanie Mcmahon? Exactly I rest my case..


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    well being married to the boss' daughter certainly does help with political clout, and be able to get yourself booked into main events.

    if you had some talent in what work you do and was married to the daughter of your boss you wouldn't you use that to your advantage?

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    Hell yeah it's stupid.

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    HHH has the skillz to be big but nowhere as big as he is now. marrying stephnie (and when he dated her) only made him bigger cuz well you know. he didnt deserve to be as big a name as he is today.

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    I think its stupid how he thinks he can take on the UNDERTAKER impossible!

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