i need help on climbing with grappling hooks?

Me and my friend are intrested in grappling hooks and want to climb things. we are 16 & 15. i weigh about 130 & my friend is 138, so i think that the 550 cord will work good for us. also please note that we are buying 2 of everything. we do not know what we need to do this. we have no experence. we just want to do this for fun. and we need info on stuff we need. we do know tht we need a harness, grappling hook, and rope. plese post a link with anything u think that i should buy. below is links of things thaat we think we good. please let us know if they are bad things to get.



Cmi Grappling Hook - $129.75


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    Here's my advice on climbing with grappling hooks: don't climb with grappling hooks. Real climbers never use them, and for good reason. You have no idea what they hook onto, so you are trusting your life with something completely unknown. Those things are just for the movies.

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    Grappling Hooks

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    Climbing Hooks

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    15 & 16

    Have you had HS physics yet? If not (or if you can't recall the calculation) ask the instructor how much force 138 pounds could be reasonably expected to put on a rope used in climbing (Hint: it is measured in 1000s of pounds or kilos)

    The rope you have the link to is NOT anywhere near climbing rope would likely break at the knot (which further reduces the usable load, even when the proper knot is tied correctly).

    With the proper equipment, you can remove your own appendix. (really, check it out, it's been done). But that still does not mean it is a good idea to do without training. Spend a couple hours on a wall.

    With the money you save from buying two toys, you will be able to afford 1 good 10 or 11mm kernmantle climbing rope and two basic harnesses. You should have enough for the runners, carabiners, and a good ATC belay/rappel device.

    You have the money to do this right, now work on the education part and find appropriate places to practice.

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    LISTEN TO SCOTT! He is absolutely right. What you are planning is an extremely bad idea. The tensile strength rating of rope is NOT it's strength under dynamic load (in other words, the tons of impact that happen when you fall on it.) True climbing gear is rated at 3000 to 5000 lbs, because that is the force that is exerted when you fall, even if you only weigh 130 lbs (you will learn this in high school physics). And real climbing ropes have to have what is called dynamic stretch so that they elongate and absorb the shock when you fall. Otherwise the impact could break your back or even kill you. Climbing ropes are at least 10 to 11.5 mm (this is around a half inch) thick and designed to stretch. They cost over $100. But if you don't know how to use one properly, don't buy one.

    And grappling hooks are NOT for people to climb on. They are used to move gear or for rigging. How are you planning to climb up the ropes? Hand over hand? It doesn't work like you see in the movies. Real life is not Hollywood or video games. You are guaranteed to get seriously hurt trying this. And, as Scott points out, you have no way of knowing if the hook you threw in the air is firmly attached to something strong or just stuck in dirt or something frail that will give way once you are far enough off the ground to be badly hurt when it gives way. Harnesses are not safe to use if you don't have proper training either. You can end up upside down and badly injured from wrong usage too.

    Why don't you see if there is a rock climbing class or indoor rock wall in your area and learn to climb safely and correctly? Many outdoor clubs and scouting groups offer rock climbing courses.

    I hate to put the kabosh on your sense of adventure but there is so much wrong with what you are planning. Either get rock climbing training or switch to something like parkour or single track biking for your thrills.

    Source(s): Former climbing instructor
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    no one climbs with grapling hooks... not even spies. A grapling hook might be good for getting down, but not up. They are bogus.

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    Make a good noose, and slip it around your neck. That way if you fall, you will not worry about it long.

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    Hope this helps!

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