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Did Rupert Grint and Rachel Hurd-wood star in a movie together?

I saw a music video on youtube and it had clips of them together, but I didn't know whether they had just edited it like that or whether Rupert and Rachel were actually in a film together.

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    No as far as I can tell from their filmographies they didn't. However Rachel was in a film, Peter Pan whilst Rupert provided the voice of Peter Pan in a cartoon version (Not the same film).

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  • aston
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    4 years ago

    Is he Ron, i'm no longer the biggest fan of him, yet I actual have a freind who does not do yahoo recommendations that loves each and every ingredient relating to the Ron charactar, it particularly is composed of the Actor. So on her Behalf I say pass Rupert!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago the internet movie database would be able to tell you

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