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Check out my NFL mock draft!?

Carolina Panthers: Blaine Gabbert

Denver Broncos: Marcell Dareus

Buffalo Bills: Cam Newton

Cincinnati Bengals: Patrick Peterson

Arizona Cardinals:Von Miller

Cleveland Browns: AJ Green

San Francisco 49ers: Robert Quinn

Tennessee Titans: Nick Fairly

Dallas Cowboys: Nate Soldier

Washington Redskins: Julio Jones

Houston Texans: Da'quan Bowers

Minnesota Vikings: Aldon Smith

Detroit Lions: Prince A.

St. Louis Rams: Cameron Jordon

Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram

Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan

New England Patriots: Derek Sharrod

San Diego Chargers: JJ Watt

New York Giants Anthony Cortazano

Tampa Bay Bucs: Cam Heyward

Kansas City Chiefs: Mike Pouncy

Indianapolis Colts: Gabe Carimi

PPhiladelphiaEagles: Jimmy Smith

New Oreleans Saints: Corey Liuget

Seattle Seahawks: Jake Locker

Baltimore Ravens: Tyron Smith

Atlanta Falcons: Torrey Smith

New England Patriots: Akeem Ayers

Chicago Bears: Brandon Harris

New York Jets: Phil Taylor

Pittsburgh Steelers: Muhammad Wilkerson

Green Bay Packers: Casey Matthews


Sorry if I spelled names wrong. ):

Update 2:

Whats wrong with this mock? The Panthers will take Blaine Gabbert at number one. The Panthers will realize they have to draft a QB. As for Brandon Harris going to the Bears, Mike Pouncy is not going to fall to the Bears. The Chiefs will think he's to talented to pass up especially since their center might retire. For Julio Jones, He had a great combine, but that doesn't mean that any team is going to take him besides the Redskins, I only see 3 teams that could use him Cincinnati Bengals They could draft AJ Green if he's available, Buffalo Bills way to early, and the Cleveland Browns might but theirs other good players besides him.... Okay everybody Thank You for commenting I want to get peoples opinion. Have a nice Day!

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    Nice effort but unrealistic. I just dont see Gabbert as the #1. If he was drafted with the talent that came out last year, he wouldn't even be a first round pick. The Bengals have a lot bigger needs than CB. Infact, they may be their best position. You do realize that no CBs have been taken in the top 5 in 8 years? I don't see anyway Prince makes it past the Texans and their god awful pass defense. The Dolphins won't pick a RB in the first round. Their front office doesnt value RBs highly and they need a speed back anyway. Nate Solder is the 3rd or 4th best tackle behind Smith, Carimi, and possible Cost. The Eagles wont reach for Smith. ect, ect, ect.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The Panthers are not taking a quarterback at number one. Julio Jones isn't falling to the Redskins at 10. This mock draft is just way to flawed

  • Andy
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    10 years ago

    Bad. Top 10 won't turn out like that.

    Also there's no way the Bears will draft Brandon Harris in the 1st round. Jerry Angelo will draft a CB in the 3rd round. Mike Pouncey will fall to them and they will pick him.

  • Balls
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    10 years ago

    Already having Hall and Joseph, the Bengals won't pick Peterson. At that position, they'd take A.J. Green.

    Bowers won't fall that far.

    Solder probably won't go that high.

    Casey Matthews isn't a first-rounder. He'll probably go around the fourth-round.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I disagree with the top ten picks. The Panthers do not need to draft a QB Again!! They need to someone different. Peterson should be with someone who can actually utilize a defensive back to his full potential.

  • 10 years ago

    Fairly won't drop to 8th. Prince Amukamara shouldn't fall to 13th, but the Lions will take him if he's there. Tyron Smith will go top 15.

  • 10 years ago

    i dont think Blaine Gabbert will be the #1 overall pick. i think the panthers will either trade down or take marcel dareus since defensive minded ron rivera is the new HC.

    i think patrick peterson goes #2 to denver to replace champ baily. baily will go to safety if resigned

    i think the bengles will take gabbert since i think they are going to trade carson palmer.

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  • 10 years ago

    49ers will NOT pick Robert Quinn.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Its pretty awful

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