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Is there any modern looking cities in Britain? UK area?

I'm talking about cities that look like New York, Vancouver or Toronto?, or maybe a town/city that looks like something you'd find in Canada or the USA..... i noticed all your towns/cities look very old (buildings) and the roads are very narrow...


i don't see any big buildings or huge shopping malls anywhere -_-

Update 2:

i see lots of roadside shops.

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    Birmingham city centre was flattened and rebuilt a few years ago. It has one of the best concert halls in the world and some other iconic buildings including some high-rise hotels and apartment blocks but not the size of the ones in the USA and Canada.

    More on here with pictures and other links. Birmingham is worth a visit.;_ylt=Ar... . . . .

    Liverpool has the new Liverpool 1 centre and some new modern hotels on the waterfront, and that small area looks like a scaled down version of Toronto when seen from the water. Here it is with the famous Mersey ferry passing by. . . . . .

    At the bottom of my answer here. are two links for long answers about Liverpool sights and attractions. It's a very friendly city and enjoyable to visit.;_ylt=At... . . . .

    Our towns and cities have grown from being small settlements hundreds of years ago, some from over two thousand years ago before the Romans came here and built new roads and many buildings and bridges.

    Small streets for carts and horses and much later for stagecoaches, went through those settlements. Some of the streets aren't much wider now, just better surfaced.

    We have a long history and it shows in the structure and nature of the towns we have , as in nearly all of Europe.

    Here is a town in Germany with some narrow streets, a legacy of it's past.

    The town is famous for the Pied Piper of Hamelin story ...Hameln in German. . . .. .

    London has grown from the joining together of a lot of villages which became towns and eventually one big urban area now thirty miles across.

    Some of the areas between those villages were retained as parkland such as Hyde Park, Regent's Park, etc.

    The East End has a lot of high-rise development on land previously used for docks and related businesses.

    Canary Wharf is one of those, close to London City Airport, and contains One Canada Square which was Britain's tallest building.until 2010. . . . . . . . . . . . .

    A few towns in the UK are built from scratch and have wide streets like Milton Keynes, built near the village of Milton Keynes as a new town, but it has mostly low buildings apart from the shopping and business park areas which have a few buildings up to eight or ten floors high.

    The idea was not to spoil the place by having skyscrapers showing from miles around. The town is mostly invisible from the motorway that passes a couple of miles from the town centre.

    The first of the specially built new towns in the UK was Letchworth, and the second was Welwyn Garden City nearby, both in Hertfordshire just north of London.

    I worked for Rank Xerox in WGC for a few years and come from a village 15 miles away, and I had enjoyable bike ride there and back every day along the country lanes that define the nature of England as much and maybe more in some of it than buildings do.

    In England though we do have some fine buildings in a lot of styles.

    I didn't see sights like this in Canada or NY . . .

    Windsor castle

    Clovelly in Devon . . . .

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    modern looking cities -

    in London - Docklands

    Welwyn Garden City

    Milton Keynes

    Letchworth Garden City


    huge shopping malls -



    Metro Centre



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    The UK and most of Europe are many hundreds of years old that's why, England is a very small country, its smaller than Montana but has over 55 million people living there

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    The oither answers are good.

    Mind you, I don't want all our towns and cities to look modern.

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    good question, from google earth it didn't appear to be

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