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If you think women only car insurance companies are acceptable please answer a further question?

If you agree that its ok to promote and offer car insurance to women only as they at statistically less likely to have an accident and/or claim etc would you also welcome a car insurance that only offers insurance to white people as non-whites are statistically more likely to have an accident or claim?


If not then why is it ok to be sexist based on statistics but not ok to be racist?

Update 2:

To Robin, I am neither a sexist or a racist

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    There ARE no "women only" car insurance companies, so it's a moot point.

    Regarding rate differences based on gender vs. race, how EXACTLY do you determine what RACE someone is? Pantone skin tone card? What about sun tans? Are you going to genetically test everyone who comes in? How are you going to categorize someone who's 1/4 of four different :races:?

    See, when people talk about RACE, 90% of the time, they're actually talking about COLOR. Not race. And to the best of my knowledge, there IS no claims loss data based on SKIN color - as insurance companies don't ASK for someone's color.

    Claims data DOES exist, based on accident location, gender, age, and car type/model.

    Can't use data that doesn't exist.

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    If you are going to follow up a question with another question you should at least place the second question in the same category.

    You are wrong in your premise that non-whites are statistically more likely to have an accident or claim.

    The old tales that cars of some colors are more likely to be in an accident are also incorrect but if it wasn't I bet there'd be companies marketing to only people driving blue cars.

    Companies can market to whomever they wish. Some insurance companies actually market to poor drivers. For example, if I see a "Safe Auto" sticker on a car I steer clear because I know that person is usually younger or with points and only has the bare minimum coverage.

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    Insurers employ statisticians called actuaries. They log details of every claim so they know which type of people are claiming and which type of people aren't. Based on that information they set their premiums. It's difficult as you want to charge enough to reflect the risk you are taking on so that you don't lose money, but if you charge too much, the customer goes elsewhere. Clearly they are finding that women are making fewer claims or they would not be reflecting this in the insurance premiums. However, new legislation is coming in which will make it illegal to base insurance premiums on gender so soon, they will be paying the same as you. To be fair, there are some bad women drivers out there just as there are some bad male drivers. It's only natural that with so many drivers on the road, you will get some bad ones. Having said that, the insurer I work for has found that male drivers between 17 and 21 make the majority of the claims.

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    Discrimination based on race is illegal in the United States.

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    No. There is then less spread of the risk for males and the rates most likely would go up.

    No. Rate increases.

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    It is quite obvious that you answered your own question. You Are a sexist as well as a Racists.

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