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Is it bad that I dislike Sundays?

Don't get me wrong, i don't dislike it because it's the Sabbath, because Sundays are fine until I get back from church in the afternoon and evening. The afternoon is so depressing, thinking of having to go back to school tomorrow and not much exciting happens. Today I couldn't go to church because my parents and sister are sick, so the dread will set in early. I guess just tell me how you feel about Sunday. Not the religious aspect, but aren't they depressing?

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    I used to feel the same way, even though I'm not at school anymore. Somehow, mondays seem so dreadful to us. Having to get up early again, thinking about potential stresses of work or school, thinking of how many days to go till weekend... Well, I try to work on it though. I count my blessings and try to make my mondays fun and positive. I hope you can find something good about the beginning of the week, or maybe keeping yourself busy till then could help. Like reading a good book that will keep your mind busy and off the useless worries.


  • Nikki
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    No, I hate Sundays for the same reason.

    Why don't you go to church by yourself (unless it takes to drive there is a different story)?

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    communicate to your dad and notice if he will plead your case jointly with your mom. At 14, you're nonetheless legally your mum and dad' accountability, despite if, you're additionally the right age to question, type your very own evaluations and assume lifelike responses ("because of the fact I reported so" isn't probable lifelike). that's possible that the character of your mom's ideals skill she "fears" to your "soul" in case you do not persist with some form of non secular path. which would be an rather perplexing nut to crack. stable success! you additionally can coach your mom and grandparents which you're a ethical, upstanding member of society with the aid of your movements and words -- without going to church.

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    Oh my god! i feel like this too. i also hate getting up early. Its because you have enjoyed your weekend. so just make sunday great aswell!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I hate sundays too. Everything is closed or closes early, except of course for my job. -_-

  • Anonymous
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    It's depressing to know that people still go to church to worship a nonexistent deity.

    Source(s): god is not real.
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    end of the weekend and the start of the school/working week

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    i actually agree. sundays are depressing

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