A girl playing high school football?

Who ever answers this take me seriously:

I want to play football next season for my high school and yes, i am i girl..I'm 5'3" and 115 pounds. I want to play wide receiver or running back because i am fast (i run a 6:07 mile) and i row. I'm already in winter training for crew but i want to train for football as well. I want to know how much to run, to lift. Any training that will help. No one supports me and that's part of why i want to do this, to prove everyone wrong. I know that if someone gives me a chance i can excel but so far everyone is putting their finger in my face and saying no. Also i have to talk to the head coach soon and i know hes going to drill me, so i wanna know what to say to him to. Respectfully please help me. Watching football isn't enough for me i want to be apart of it.

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    10 years ago
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    1) 115 isn't for a RB. You would get screwed. WR is a better choice

    2) coach/other players will teach you the basics, including lifting

    3) just go up to the coach, say that you want to play football, explain why/what you want to do specifically in football. the coach most likely won't ask questions like technique and stuff, but rather personal stuff that you should know

    BTW - physically, like as in strength and speed, you won't be able to contend w/ most guys. Therefore, focus on technique and skills if you want to actually play.

    good luck with whatever you choose

    Source(s): live in IA, where we have a lot of girls interested in playing 'guy sports.' We had a girl punter before, our main rivals had a female lineman, and more recently the state wrestling tournament w/ 2 girls
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    Football is a quick burst energy sport..you can run a 5 minute mile and be terrible...it is all about short bursts of energy and going as fast as you can...have you ever played before?

    Also, Running Backs in highschool weigh 150-200 pounds...you better plan on adding 50 pounds to your frame at least if you don't want to break an arm or ribs because those kids will hit you...i doubt you make varsity when you start because 115 is way too light...my sister does crew and is 5'6 and 120 and is still way to small for football...

    If you want to dedicate yourself to football start eating a lot more and add of weight in the weight room although I doubt you do it because girls do not want to be big and weight 150-200 pounds...I doubt the coach would play you with you being so small..honest opinion

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    6 years ago

    Your to small I play and you should at least gain 50 some pounds to rb you will get killed to short to light so the answer is No I'm a guy

    Source(s): Play football for 5 years
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    5 years ago

    Personally I would not let my Daughter play, I would not want her to get hurt by a much larger Boy! Boys your same age will weigh an average of 160 to 210 lbs, Bench 180-230 and squat upwards of 250 to 350 on average. Please think about your physical well being! I know it sounds sexist but it is also reality we are not equal in all things males and females are different in many ways and that is a good thing!

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  • 10 years ago

    Do you wan't an honest answer?

    Regular Varsity Football is a guys sport.

    Sorry, but it's the truth. What about playing powderpuff?

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    10 years ago

    5'3 115 pounds? Your going to get your head knocked off. A 6:07 mile doesn't mean crap, you have to be quick and be able to make cuts. Your too short for receiver your too small for rb play soccer or softball. I really think it may even be a legality for insurance purposes that you aren't even allowed to play. You will get hurt, it's foolish.

    Source(s): Past All state football player
  • 10 years ago

    I know how you feel we are about the same h/w only im a boy. For rb i would say gain more weight,work on your hands,be able to take crushing blows and not fumble the ball,try to bench press more than how much u weigh,run about 4.8-4.9 in the 40 yrd dash, and keep your mind in the game and keep training.

    Good luck

    Source(s): Experiance
  • 10 years ago

    If you want to play the sport go for it , you never know how you do if you don't try. Is not gonna be easy but work hard and give 110%.

  • 10 years ago

    If you can meet the same requirements the boys do, you should play.

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    10 years ago

    GO FOR IT! girls can do anything that a boy can do. boys just can't take it that anything that a boy can do, so can a girl. don't set your goal and reach it, set it higher and work harder for it (:

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