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Cooked chicken in boiling water, bad?

So i buy in Iceland supermarket this package with sliced pieces of boneless cooked chicken, and its frozen.

In the package it says cooke from frozen, but its already frozen, and it also says defrost in freezer overnight.

I normally put the frozen chicken in a pot with water and boil the water for like 5-8 minutes and the chicken its defrost and i eat it.

Do you think this is bad?

( i did this for a month and nothing happend to me, now i have sort of a gastrite, but i don't think its from that because i had it before a couple of times not to long ago).



Sorry it says defrost overnight in refrigerator.

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    Whether your chicken pieces are raw or pre-cooked, trying to heat/cook them without thawing at all will usually result in pieces being cooked on the outside but unheated in the center (unsafe if starting with raw chicken pieces), or overcooked on the outside if allowed to cook long enough to heat all the way the center (which won't taste very good).

    This would be even worse for chicken pieces that weren't breasts, weren't boneless, and/or were thick/fat.

    There are various ways to defrost frozen meats/poultry, etc...some are quick and some are slow, some result in better tasting cooked chicken and some worse-tasting or worse-textured.

    The best quick way is to put the chicken (as flat as possible) into a baggie or something else air-tight without much room for excess air around it, then put that into a bowl (wider than the frozen chicken) and into the sink. Run room-temperature water from your faucet into the bowl, at just a drip after the bowl fills up, for about 10-20 minutes and it will be nicely thawed (then cook it by poaching, pan frying in a little oil, grilling, even microwaving, etc).

    For safety, you just don't want to leave any meat in the "danger zone" of temperatures for more than 4 hrs of its total life (that danger zone is between 40 F which is about refrigerator temp, to 140 F which is "cooked").

    And btw, "boiling" isn't advised for allowing to remain chicken's too hot and too rough. Instead what you'd want to do is to bring the water to a boil just to heat it then lower the temp and "poach" the chicken in water on a gentle simmer--that will make for tender chicken.


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    If it says cook from frozen, that means you may cook it directly from its frozen state without defrosting.

    It cannot say defrost in the freezer overnight, because it will not defrost in a freezer! It must say defrost in the refrigerator overnight, ie, do not leave out on the counter to thaw.

    You can cook it however you like, boiling is fine, because it is already cooked. You are preparing it for taste and heating it through.

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    It is fine but please defrost in fridge or what is labeled freezer? can freezer really defrost meat?

    Cooking your chicken in boiling water is just fine but just the chicken will release its flavor during the cooking process and will end up lack of taste or tasteless. You can try to make it into a chicken soup or adding it to other dishes for different taste.

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    if the chicken is live frozen chicken you can't just put it in water, that's going to taste like sh*t and it will not be very healthy; take an empty put and pour just a little bit of olive oil, enough to cover the bottom; slice half an onions and pour it into the put, let it boil for a few seconds and when its steaming, put the chicken inside, let it stay for 5-7 minutes on low heat, add water (or juice for flavor), some potatos, paprica, and seasoning; let it cook for 30 minutes, plus minus; and you got yourself a good meal....

    good luck

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    Boiling chicken is a fantastic way to get juicy, healthy chicken cooked to perfection. Boiling chicken makes it tender and easy to shred. There are a few ways to boil chicken, and it all depends on how much chicken you are boiling. Some people choose to use a whole chicken while others use chicken breast. Some people cut all of the meat off of a whole chicken. What you use is up to you, but cooking times will vary.

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    Just defrost it he night before in a fridge if your that worried, if it says cook from frozen it means cook from frozen

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    If it's already been cooked I can't see a problem, we only get ill eating raw chicken. If you haven't got ill by now you should be fine, food poisoning is pretty instant.

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    I've been doing it for 40 years, and I'm still fine.

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    poor chicken.

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    i think they are just covering all bases so if you get sick it is not there fault

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