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Let the blame begin, Somali pirates killed the American hostages , How is this Obamas fault?

How will fox spin this into blaming Obama ? I blame the Pirates and the Stupid americans who were sailing in hostile waters.


Shovel ready we can not protect all Americans when they leave the US . Personal responsibility was the problem here ,they knew this has been happening and they chose to go there.The US Military was there when it happened trying to negotiate

Update 2:

crow t robot? are all somalis pirates ? kill everyone in somalia ? you sound like Bush

Update 3:

orange mom/ i did not say they were ,but I will guarantee you they will

Update 4:

up yours / yes I served but not on the comfort of a warship. I have heard the bullets going over my head a sound you will never forget

Update 5:

He has done nothing ? wasn't it about a year ago when navy seals took back a ship and killed the pirates

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