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I cant wait anymore!!!!?

I still haven't had my first period yet! Im 14 and have had discharge for 4 years! All my friends have had it and I cant stand to hear them talk about their experiences then give me a glance over and giggle at me. Like while studding for our health exam my friend quizzed me and said "explain PMS" so I did and she said under her breath "like you would know". I went home and cried! Why cant I be like the other girls. I know it sucks to have it but I cant wait anymore. I will love to have the cramps for this! Anything to have it already!!! Why is it late im 5,4 and 103 pounds! 32A bra. WHATS WRONG WITH ME! Is there something im not eating that can help it! I don't drink allot of water is that it? Do you have any come backs for when they tease me? PLESE HELP ME

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  • Mindy!
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    9 years ago

    NO!!!!!! Don't WISH for it!

    I get regular periods and they are NOT fun.

    You only heard of cramps, you have no idea how they actually feel or how horrible they can get...this you will NOT like. This, you will be wishing you had no period again. Also, not only cramps, other things come with periods. They can make you tired, irritable, naseous, headaches, achiness, bloat, etc. Not to mention constant monitoring to make sure you aren't bleeding through your clothes.

    Anyways, you will get it when your body is ready. Some girls haven't gotten their period until they were 18. One of my old friends didn't get hers until she was 16. But, your normal and there is nothing wrong with you. Just wait for it to come. And for that matter, how would the other girls know if you got your period if you didn't tell them? A light doesn't just come on saying "woman with period". Maybe you should be hanging around people who aren't so immature. Those people don't make good friends, so ditch them.

  • 9 years ago

    Sweetie their is nothing you can do to bring it on, it will come when its ready and no sooner im afraid, brlieve it or not probz most of the girls in your year havent started yet either, some will pretend as well , so plz dont stress, trust me.... Once you have it you'll be wondering why the heck you wanted it in the first place :)

    Be patient hun :)

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! Don't worry. My best friend has not had hers yet, and she told me that her mother got her first period when she was a freshman in highschool. Just because you haven't had "the curse" yet doesn't mean that you're a child! Everything will get better. If they tease you, i would recommend just walking away and ignoring them. They may have their periods, but they sure aren't acting mature. Everything will be alright, trust me :) God bless.

    Source(s): Personal experience ^_^
  • 9 years ago

    Listen im not gonna tell u anything really about the period thing apart from this i got discharge and pains for 3 years trust me i know what your going through but if ur friends are doing this to you then theyre not real friends btw its more embarassing when u do have it coz if its heavy and youve not got a large enough pad/tampon it can drip and if ur wearing a skirt then its embarassing my friend had it u should have seen her face. But you will get it trust me i wanted my period when i didnt have it but now i have them and i hate them and i dont want them trust me consider urself lucky !!!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    omg i dont miss being your age, girls are brutal at that age. sorry they're hassling you about it.

    i would just tell them to shut up. just say, "shut up" or "oh please...give me a break". girls at that age just want to be cool more than anything. so shut them up and make them look like jerks. no harm in that.

    i knew a friend who go her period when she was 16. that's considered pretty late. But for me, i got my period when i was 12. it sucked!!! you're lucky you havent gotten it yet, it is terrible!

    by the time you're 20 you're gonna really start despising it. Enjoy not having it!

  • 9 years ago

    They wish they were like you. And they are trying to make you feel bad for not feeling like they do. - the best come back is to just ignore their teasing. You have better things to do than to want to be just like everyone else. And soon you will be like the rest of them anyway.

    So relax. Don't let them stir you up They have problems they are trying to project upon you. And that is not your problem but theirs.

    Source(s): Mom of four, RN
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    Trust me.. you aren't missing out on anything. if you are jealous, don't be. once a month you bleed out your vagina and get cramps, get bloaty, and get easily irritated. I promise you aren't missing out on anything amazing.

    You are very small, so maybe you are just a late bloomer :) don't worry, it'll come! I got mine when I was 13, so it took me a while too!

    now its just a pain in the butt when working out...

  • 9 years ago

    Are you doing any sports because that can cause your period to be late or gentics when did your mom have hers you might have yours the same year. Thats what happen to me and my mom we had our periods when we where 13.

    Source(s): life and my sister did basketball sports she didn't get hers until 15 lucky her!
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    just ignore it, they are immature. you are lucky to not have started your period yet in my opinion. everyone starts at different times during their lifetime, don't worry about it. the discharge is normal, just be patient :) it'll be okay!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm not kidding, those are my EXACT same measurements, age bra size weight and height, I got mine over the weekend, so you should most likely get it soon! Your fine!

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